Comments for Transformers ride coming to Universal Orlando, says Spielberg


  1. EricJ

    “3D” means if it replaces anything at USF/H, it’s likely to replace Simpsons or Terminator 3D.
    It can’t replace Simpsons, because Omnimax screens can’t do 3D, but Terminator 3D has been feeling a bit geriatric these days, and TF is the nearest equivalent of 3D movies and “live” in-theater robots–Now that Arnold’s star has fallen, think the T-1000’s about to get the same “scandal” heave-ho at the parks that Michael Jackson had with Captain EO and Jeffrey Jones had with Alien Encounter.
    (Still, I’m going to miss that “su-perrr” Cyberdyne tour guide.) 🙂

    1. Ricky Brigante

      But 3D in this case doesn’t mean a sit-down 3D movie. It’s 3D in the same way that Spider-Man is, with screens integrated into a moving ride. It’s really the next generation Spider-Man.

  2. deedee

    Well all the artwork sure does make it look like Spiderman doesnt it. I wonder if there is a chance that the HD upgrade is a cover up. I love the idea of a Transformers attraction but not at the expense of Spiderman. Unless Disney can move it to Hollywood Studios…yeah that will happen…lol!!!

    Anyway, Terminator seems like the most likely place for this but is it big enough and if not, is there room to expand if necessary. Or maybe this would get an entirely new show building over by MIB. I really hope they are not thinking of getting rid of E.T. for it.

    1. Cooper

      the HD upgrade is not a cover up. terminator is way too small of a space for what this ride system will do! and ET legally can not be shut down or else Steven S. would pull the rights to our parks closing pretty much all of the rides Steven helped create. which are a lot!

      1. Boog nasty

        Um…Jaws is closing. That’s a Spielberg ride.

        1. Beb

          Jaws is becoming harry potter expansion

  3. Alex

    I personally think that the whole spider man thing was definitely a cover up and that either marvel land will turn into another comic themed land or probably the transformer world as it would fit the description I also know that universal is smart and is trying to draw ALL the attention from potter world as it’s very packed. I do think that universal is getting crazy with money as they have been saying that the mythology island will be taken out to expand potter. ( which I hope they do) but they need to do some serrious maintainice to suess landing like a PAINT JOB! And they need to change their IOA symbol as it’s becoming more POTTER. Like the owlery tower or astronomy tower as when the expansion is finished for potter it will be the biggest land there.

  4. Boog Nasty

    I can say that Transformers is coming to URO. I know someone is an audio engineer and does a lot of work with Universal. He’s been doing the audio for Transformers. He’s also been working on some Kung Fu Panda attraction in Hong Kong for something.

  5. JONY

    ITS NOT FAIR UNIVERSAl orlando does not have transformers

  6. Disnoid

    Transformers is replacing Spider-Man. I’ve got a great source on this one.

    1. Boomer

      whatever your source is i think they are losing it, spiderman just upgraded to HD for them to replace it would be an absolute waste of money. Now if they made the decision to replace it before the HD replacement that would be more understandable

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