Comments for ‘Mr. Toad’ and ‘20,000 Leagues’ rides return to Disney World (sort of) during Florida Project event at Epcot


  1. Ooo, what 20K pins did you get? ^_^

  2. Greg Marino

    Well,I understand why WDW has to keep fresh with the times BUT. There are so many memories around WDW and seeing some “extinct” artifacts makes me wonder why, at times, some things can’t remain the same. (Like some of the original things in the Magic Kingdom and such)Now, i just wish that some legal expert at Disney would purge the photographs from the internet of the dilapidated River Country and in fact, the remains of River Country itself.Seeing the remains of River Country from a boat launch from the Wilderness Lodge is one thing.But,the pictures I stumbled across of some individual who broke into the closed property and taking and posting pictures of the overgrown and deteriorating property was very painful for a Disney-ite. Come on DISNEY! Take care of this eye sore and do something about the crime posted across the internet.It’s hard enough to maintain my own childhood memories & those of times with my own growing children at River Country …and Discovery Island as well without seeing attractions closed so long ago so visually disturbing to the astute WDW guest!

    1. ManEatingSharks


      Nice sentiments.

      20K wasn’t removed to ‘keep things fresh’, it was removed as a cost-cutting exercise to the detriment of the guest experience. That’s why the area wasn’t redeveloped and just abandoned for a decade. Similarly, Toad was nuked because of the marketing and because WDI felt it needed something to be doing something to justify its budgets.

      It’s sad that the high-profile ride removals were not ‘to keep things fresh’ for the guest experience, but in fact quite the opposite.

  3. Alex

    I think that they need to revision river country

  4. Wireboy

    Oh please! 🙂

    I am the biggest Disney-ite out there and I have to say there is nothing wrong with the photos of River Country. I pine for Horizons deeply not to mention World of Motion, Mr. Toad, Sea Base Alpha, the original WDW welcome center (old guy alert), etc. but things change.

    Your memories are not erased by photos and it is interesting to see that there are still remnants in place, even in a state of disrepair. I would so love to find out that Horizons was still there, in shambles, in a secret chamber under Mission:Space. 🙂

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