Comments for Free trick-or-treating cancelled for Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World


  1. Over the last few years it was getting out of hand. To the point that last year my family and I left 45 min into the event. It wasn’t fun. Parents, who didn’t know how to act, were making scenes.
    Feel bad for the kids, but the situations I saw were all caused by parents.

  2. D. Hinckley

    Although this post is a couple of years old I just wanted to point out that Halloween at DD is still fun. They have the fall decorations and Halloween music playing. Some of the restaurants have fall items on the menu and the stores have loads of Halloween themed products. Last year they had a storyteller who sang “Oh My Darlin Frankenstein.” My kids had fun and it wasn’t overcrowded with out of control kids running everywhere. Besides, kids don’t really need any more candy.

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