Comments for Free tickets to LEGOLAND Florida now available, up to 2 per household


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    do i have to buy something to get access into the vip program? i’m having issues…i created a lego acct.

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      Ricky Brigante

      If you’re not buying anything, you have to sign up either in a LEGO store or over the phone. Their US numbers are 1-800-838-9647 (customer service) and 1-800-835-4386 (shop at home).

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    Oh…well i just purchased a toy story alien key chain for $2.48 so that I could. the shipping was twice the cost of the product! I’m pumped about my purchase though.

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    Sherri Connelly

    Just an FYI, this program is now over as of 9/23 due to overwhelming demand

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    karen hewitt

    i wish for us handycapped people and seniors we could get in free cause we would like to see it to but just no way we can afford it
    Karen Hewitt

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    hi i wish i can get in but my family just cant aford it .i havent done anything fun in forever.maybe u can help me do something fun for once. ps im a kid! i would be thankful for your help.

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    how can i get a discount for my grand kids one is autistic and hes wish is to go to lego land

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