Luck seeks victims with bloody delivery for Halloween Horror Nights 2011 at Universal Orlando

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Our first Halloween Horror Nights 2011 mailing arrived recently, dealing a mysterious card. Today, bets were raised as a second card arrived minutes ago via FedEx from Universal Orlando, this time with a more sinister message.


Inside the envelope, a single playing card reads: “A person does not seek luck; luck seeks the person.” – Turkish Proverb Is “luck” after me?


A blood drop and scratches on this card seem to indicate that our luck will run out soon.


Additional games of chance have also recently appeared on the Halloween Horror Nights 21 web site, offering new clues to what haunted houses await attendees to the popular Halloween event. One more teaser image was revealed this week for one of the many mazes:

I suspect more ghoulish deliveries like this will be arrive soon as we await the September 23 launch of Horror Nights.


  1. -Buy an Express Pass. It’s a good insurance policy if you’re coming for the first time and are only doing the event for one night. Even if you’re there on a day when the lines don’t get long until later, you can do something else early on and know the crowd won’t matter, no matter how bad it gets.

  2. This is the second photo they have released that had blacklight paint on the character…remember the Esqueleto Muerte scarezone…it seems like they are taking the general costuming idea (day-glo) and running with it for a demon house? Hmm.

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