Inside Disney’s Art of Animation Resort family suites featuring four familiar themes

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It’s been months since Disney last released an inside look at the rooms of their upcoming Art of Animation Resort, but today new photographs offer a glimpse at all four family suite themes.

Finding Nemo, Cars, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King are the basis of larger-than life decor on the exterior and highly-themed interiors for the hundreds of rooms and family suites that will make up the living areas of the hotel.

Take a peek inside each theme:

Finding Nemo


The Little Mermaid

The Lion King

Back in May, Disney revealed overhead maps, views, and elevations showing what the buildings and surrounding grounds of the Art of Animation Resort will look like. The new hotel will open as a value-level resort at Walt Disney World in 2012.


  1. Clay Matthews

    I gotta go with Finding Nemo but really they all look great.

  2. Joel

    Please let us know when the inauguration ceremony will be, i want to be there!!

  3. Janada

    When will this resort be open?


      I was told by my travel agent it opens to the public 5/30/12

  4. Going to Finding Nemo 8-2012,can’t wait


      The room looks amazing huh ? I can’t wait ! I’m going 5/31-12


    We are going to be staying at the Art of Animation Fiding Nemo family suite. I am sooo excited. We will be there the day after it opens. My travel agent told me it opens to the public 5/30/12 and we will be there the 31st.

  6. karen jones mena

    I will give up my beloved Wilderness Lodge for a couple of nights to check this one out with my three year old!! Finding Nemo looks colorful and so much in way of that Disney magic!!

  7. Gina

    Does anyone know if it’s extra to stay in these themed suites? I know in some of the moderate resorts they have themed rooms that cost a little more money?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      All rooms at Art of Animation will be themed to the wing/movie that they’re in. But not all rooms will be the same, some regular hotel rooms, many family suites – which do cost more for the extra space.

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