New concept images and family suite designs revealed for Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

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Today Disney has released new concept artwork for its upcoming new Walt Disney World hotel, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

The hotel was first announced in May 2010 and will feature buildings and rooms with themes surrounding four classic Disney films.

Update (12/19/10):My Fox Orlando has also revealed pictures of Walt Disney Imagineers working on three of the four designs for the Art of Animation Resort’s family suites, which are also included below.

The Lion King:

Disney/Pixar’s Cars:

Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo:

The Little Mermaid:

The hotel will feature 2,000 new units, with 1,120 family suites and 864 standard rooms and is scheduled to open in 2012.


  1. Armando from TX

    Honestly I like what I see. Hopefully the true product looks like this. Cant Wait now they need more stuff to do to handle the growing crowds every year, expand DHS and AK.

  2. Buckly

    Why oh why does Disney push “Cars” so much? It is easily the worst Pixar film and it wasn’t even one of the top earners!

    1. Dan


    2. Colleen

      I happen to absolutely LOVE Cars!!! Its all a matter of opinion, I know several people who Enjoy the Cars movies.

  3. Victor

    Wow, The Lion King building area looks awesome!

  4. Rick

    “Cars” sells a lot of toys to boys. That is the simple reason it is pushed so much.

    The designs look great. However, I wish they didn’t have two water-themed sections. “Aladdin” or “Wall-E” would have been more evocative choices.

  5. derik

    Yeah I agree, enough with the water theme, Nemo and Mermaid are too similar, I think disney is having a little overkill with jungle and water theme. I too think an aladdin or wall e theme would be a great contrast. I like the cars theme, and lion king looks a lot like Animal Kingdom Lodge. But anyway, great work cant wait.

  6. Jeany Sanchez

    awesome! I can’t wait for May 2012 to come and see it!

  7. Chris

    Wow, I’m a little underwhelmed by these concepts. I think they’re a little too cluttered and busy. In the Cars themed area, the ground looks like it’s littered with debris. I know these are concept paintings, but I think they could have put out a better crop of stuff? I mean the Lion King one, in comparison to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, looks flat out cheesy. Again, could be just these particular concept pieces that aren’t doing it justice, but these drawings are not doing it for me, sorry.

  8. DisneyWorld1977

    I think overall, they look good. I agree with the Cars one maybe being a little too cluttered looking, but we know it will be different. I dont agree with the comment about why Disney pushes Cars so much. I think Cars was a very good film. Of course, I like just about all the Disney-Pixar films, so I dont see a problem with it. And like someone else says, Cars products sell very well and with Cars 2 coming out…it will be still hot.
    Anyways….this plays should be pretty cool for a value resort!!

  9. Victor

    The rooms do have the ‘value’ look to them, but I think they are very well themed.

  10. Colleen

    What I see looks Awesome!! I happen to love the classics of Disney … I think the themes are a good combination for both boys and girls alike.

  11. Jenn

    I happen to LOVE the pics of the Family Suite and will be making reservations soon for a two-week vaca! Can’t wait to see this in person!!!

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