Disneyland preparing new ‘Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines’ stage show for Disney California Adventure theme park

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Disney has put out an auditions call online for singers and actors to be part of a new upcoming theme park stage show called Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines. The show is currently scheduled to debut at Disney California Adventure some time in October and will feature Minnie Mouse alongside stewardesses in an interactive song-and-dance routine.

The audition description calls Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines “a tune-filled ‘travelogue’ of song, dance and Guest interactive moments, fueled by the adventurous optimism of three bright ‘stewardesses’ (also known as Minnie’s Fly Girls), a witty control tower operator, and our charter airline owner herself — Minnie Mouse!” It will feature songs from the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. The stage show will be outdoors featuring female and male actors.

Auditions will be Thursday, September 01, 2011 with rehearsals to follow beginning around Sept. 19.

UPDATE (8/4/11): The Sept. 1 audition has been cancelled and the show description removed from the Disney Auditions web site. Since Disney has not officially announced the show, it’s possible the audition was accidentally posted early, revealing show details before Disney was ready. But it could also simply be a scheduling issue.

Each of Minnie’s Fly Girls is described as a “female singer (all ranges), moves well, age open, various character types (funny, sexy, bright, clueless …).” The male roll will be a “Control Tower Operator”, described as a “crooner (baritone), moves well, age open … with a sense of humor who adores “Minnie’s Fly Girls”, sings lead and back-up harmonies, interacts with Guests.”

This isn’t the first time Minnie Mouse has been involved in the world of aviation at Disney California Adventure. In Condor Flats, near Soarin’ Over California, Minnie has been hosting meet-and-greets in her flight suit for many years, so it’s possible this area could be the home of the new show when it debuts.

It’s also not the only new show Disney is debuting this fall involving airplanes, stewardesses, and the 1960s. On their ABC television network, “Pan Am” hits the airwaves in late September, just a few weeks before this Disney California Adventure show premieres. Disney recently previewed “Pan Am” at the San Diego Comic-Con. Though both “Minnie’s Fly Girls Charter Airlines” and “Pan Am” involve the same topic in around the same time period, it doesn’t seem like there will be a direct connection between them.

Full audition details can be found on the Disney Auditions web site.

(Photo by Loren Javier.)

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