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  1. Scott B

    Why is this app Verizon exclusive? I would think Disney would just release it straight into the app store for everyone to use. Why would they restrict who can get access to this info on the go? I’m assuming Verizon is paying for this exclusivity, but still, this just seems wrong.

    Of course I am only saying that because I have an iPhone on AT&T. You know, sour grapes and all.

    1. Bob H

      I think Verizon is a Disney World sponsor and when their contract runs out the app will be released to everybody.

      1. Becky

        Don’t feel bad, I do have verizon and I can’t get this app because my phone is too new that the app hasn’t been upgraded to include my phone 🙁

  2. Amanda Z

    Do you have an exact release date for the iphone?? I am headed to Disney the first full week of November (6-11) and if the app is available I am getting the iphone..but if not..it’s going to be the android. Would really like to know so I can make my decision and take advantage of some awesome VW deals.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Unfortunately Disney has not released a date.

  3. Chris

    Any news on when to expect the iPhone version? I can’t wait!!!!

    1. Greg

      Waiting on Verizon iPhone also.

  4. Randy

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, and when I tried downloading this app, it said it is not compatable with my device??? I am on Verizon… it is a Droid… why is it not compatable?

    1. Becky

      I would like to know the same thing… I have a samsung galaxy s III and I get the same message.

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