Comments for Dinner in Haunted Mansion, revisiting extinct attractions and Fantasy Faire announced as future Disneyland experiences at 2011 D23 Expo


  1. EricJ

    Without specifics, the “Imagine if”‘s sounds like those old AT&T ads:
    “Ever visit the Haunted Mansion….from the beach?” 😉

    The Fantasy Faire was already mentioned at the DP Blog, and got decidedly mixed reviews (most would like Rapunzel to stay in Fantasyland, and not take over the Main St. Carnation Gardens)–
    As for the rest, the Terrace and the America360 attractions are easy to revive, as Captain EO has gotten them on a retro kick–But the HM, tea party and Club 33A sounds like they’re trying to sound out early audience reaction to big-ticket prestige events by making them sound like regular events, and…think audiences are too wise to that by now to applaud.

  2. J Morris

    D23 2011 was a total BUST!! Long lines, waits and didn’t see sessions we wanted because audiences were over capacity. Too much Disney Channel focus! Left early on 2nd day because we couldn’t get into sessions and didn’t go on 3rd day since it was all a waste of time and money to attend. Won’t be doing it again!!!! Disney’s magic has been snuffed out!

  3. Z Burdick

    The Seven Dwarves virtual ride will probably be the only way for me- a person of height- will probably get to enjoy the ride. I’m already denied the joys of Space Mountain, plus a few others.*grumble*grumble*

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