Bonus Video: Tour of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con convention floor including booths, costumes and celebrity sightings

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The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con has been over for more than a week and we’ve shared day-by-day reports with plenty of accompanying video and hundreds of photos. But today we have some bonus video to share: a complete walking tour around the convention floor.

The exhibition floor of the San Diego Comic-Con is an attraction unto itself, with booth after booth packed with entertainment, merchandise, displays, and photo opportunities. And because it is such a draw, the floor is packed with people throughout the entire convention. A single lap around the convention floor can be tough to maneuver, but also rewarding, picking up freebies, spotting celebrities, and enjoying attendees’ costumes. It took around 20 minutes for me to bring the video camera through, without ever stopping for more than a brief moment. While the video tour of the floor is entertaining, you may just want to skip to the best parts if you’re short on time, so underneath the video below, I’ve noted some highlights along the way with the times they appear.

Video: Take a tour of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con convention floor

Video highlights:
00:21 – Enter the floor
02:13 – Dark Horse
03:00 – Naruto
03:51 – LEGO
04:15 – Back to the Future DeLorean
04:54 – Mattel (toy previews, Monster High creator/artist signing)
05:55 – Giant He-Man statue
06:33 – Kinect Star Wars
07:36 – Voltron
08:12 – Monster High
10:22 – Star Wars Blu-ray preview
10:42 – Transformers KRE-O
11:23 – My Little Pony
12:00 – Giant Optimus Prime statue
12:30 – Slave Leias
12:59 – BBC America
13:04 – Lionsgate
13:29 – The Walking Dead
14:00 – Phineas and Ferb with Perry the Platybus
15:15 – Nickelodeon
15:47 – FOX
15:54 – Futurama cast and crew (Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche)
16:52 – Men in Black 3
17:07 – The Behemoth (Castle Crashers)
17:16 – Ghost Rider 2 motorcycle
17:36 – Sony Playstation
18:11 – Warner Bros signing
19:27 – Spartacus Vengeance

Every walk around the San Diego Comic-Con convention floor offers new sights. In this trip through, the “Futurama” cast happened to be signing autographs at the FOX booth, with voice of Bender John DiMaggio becoming the highlight of this whole video by spotting my camera and making faces:

Throughout the 4.5 days of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, I spent many hours just wandering back and forth across the convention floor, snapping photos of costumed attendees, checking out previews of upcoming toys and collectibles, and just generally taking in the excitement that is SDCC. While the many panels presented throughout the convention are quite entertaining, the floor itself is one of the stars of the show.

Photos on the convention floor from preview night of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con:

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