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  1. OT

    This is just crazy! The line for this atraction is already epic, both in theming and in length. This just doesn´t do anything for the enjoyment of they´re guests. They better start building more Potter atractions and shows. They need to kill of The Lost Continent.
    Poseidon’s Fury would make a great dark ride building (re-use the special effects), make a new Harry Potter show in The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad and scrap the rest to make some more Potter streets (but please keep Mythos, it´s great).

  2. InfiniteGil

    It still boggles my mind to this day.
    Choosing Harry Potter over Lord of the Rings.
    Every time I look at this part of the park I just can’t help but think of what might have been.

    1. EricJ

      Christopher Tolkien wasn’t selling his dad’s books to amusement parks.
      JK Rowling was. (And couldn’t come to terms with Disney.)

  3. Brandis

    Since the back part of the greenhouse is raised, I think they would build a loop underneath it for the add-on queue, so when entering the queue first at the beginning of the new path, you would walk towards the greenhouse, go underneath it, turn and walk back the left side of the new path and then get to where the queue starts today, that should give them some more capacity.

  4. Wild Ol' Dan

    When I first saw this…you had me excited, because, at long last, I thought we may be getting what we really want and that is the addition of THE GREAT HALL to the Castle Tour. There are so many wonderful things that are possible…just imagine…oh, let’s see…how about Meet the Ghosts of Hogwarts” or a dinner show…and, can you imagine a Holiday Feast in the Great Hall of Hogwarts complete with snow and Christmas trees recreating the scene from the film? There are so many possibilities… They may need to attach another large building to the ride building to make this work, but they could…and should…make this work. The Great Hall is where so much of the magic happened in the films…and it could truly be a magical place in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. Wild Ol’ Dan

    1. Tomas Lecuona

      i agree with you there is so much universal orlando can do to make a more exciting experiencee!! but i don’t know what’s wrong with them.. time? money? i don’t thinks so; anyway there is so much left to do and i hope for them to do more exciting and new things for the wizarding world

  5. EricJ

    Uh, maybe my geography from memory’s off, but in the Google photo, isn’t that round building (with the three domes), next to the Big White Building, the Jurassic Park Visitor’s Center?
    (Meaning the marked BWB is the JP Ride?)

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The round building with the three domes is indeed the Jurassic Park Visitor’s Center, but the Jurassic Park ride building is further south, not pictured here. You can see Hogwarts from parts of the Jurassic Park land.

  6. lisa estrada

    jk. rowling should have wrote another book or two so there would be movies!!!!!

    1. Jackie

      YES!!!!! I totally agree!

  7. Figment571

    Is there anyone who knows what exactly happened between Rowling and Disney? I heard some rumors of what it might have been but I was hoping to get a more, I suppose, fleshed out detailing of why she went with Uni rather than the mouse.

    1. Sjo

      Rumor Alert:

      Just talk among Universal/IOA teammembers, A Hogwarts Express train that links IOA and Universal.

  8. Sergio

    Hi guys, I was there again this summer and realized that the public was extremely upset about the delay in the queue (especially on the outside of Hogwartz that, well, is not so fantastic). I also saw that an area with no decoration, had to be improvised with fences and screens to contain the huge number of people waiting to ride (the wait was 145min). It is very necessary to IOA improve the organization of queues Regular, Single Rider and Express for muggles can enjoy the attraction in a pleasant way (note that even the lockers inside the castle also disrupt the flow and confuse people about what line should follow). From what I see looks like this is the focus of this project, as we see the blueprint already separate the line from the start. Thanks! Sergio, a brazilian follower. (PS Sorry my rough english).

  9. Matt

    I happen to think that this new walkway would be part of the Express Pass program, since this ride doesn’t accommodate one yet. You know, at some point, they will put one in there. I just went on this ride last week, and went a total of 6 times in a few hours. The lines were just about as long as they are in this video. We pretty much walked on every single time!
    I was never a big Harry Potter fan, until now… I am completely fascinated right now, and I have to watch every single movie now!
    I was very impressed with the whole Wizarding World of Islands of Adventure. Out of our 4 day trip to Orlando, we went to SeaWorld one day, Islands of Adventure the next, Universal Studios the next, and Busch Gardens Tampa the last day. I have to admit, this part of Islands of Adventure was the highlight of our vacation!!!

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