Haunted Mansion ‘Room For 1 More’ merchandise event announced for Walt Disney World

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As part of the Walt Disney World 40th anniversary celebration, Disney has announced a Haunted Mansion merchandise event to be held at Disney’s Contemporary Resort on September 30. The event will feature exclusive collectibles, dinner, artist performances and signings, and a few surprises.

The event will feature a silent auction artist meet and greet, “haunted feast” with “deadly dessert” and a “Séance panel discussion” featuring Walt Disney Imagineers.

Merchandise will be sold via a random selection process (RSP), as is often the case with Disney events, but unlike similar events which have sold out online in a matter of minutes, tickets for this Haunted Mansion event are also being randomly assigned. The cost is $285 per person, but tickets cannot be purchased yet. Instead, those interested in attending need to fill out a ticket request form they are selected to attend. The Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary event at Disneyland in 2009 was well attended, but many complained of the online ticketing process being difficult to get through, leaving some fans absent from the event. This random process should prevent those complaints, but depending on the number of requests could still leave many without a ticket.

A preview catalog of collectible pins and sculptures can be seen online, with more to come. Here are a few examples:

On the way out, guests will also receive a “deadly departure gift.”

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