Halloween Horror Nights 2011 to feature 'The Thing' haunted house at Universal Studios in both Orlando and Hollywood - Inside the Magic

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  1. The Thing is actually a poorly named prequel to the 1982 film, it’s about the Norwegian team that found the Thing in the first place.

  2. Still they had a haunted house back in 2007 that was pretty awesome that was based on the thing. It had like half formed animals trying to bite you from the walls. It’ll be a lot of fun.

  3. eric you

    ghostface is terror tram and the living sculpture in front of the park but he alone is not the real icon i would suggest hollywood have their own icon like in 2006 but have a business man to be the one behind the hollywood event he would be very crazy and full of evil. plus he could be like lady luck in orlando’s event.expect a man who desires is to make scary movies come to life.

  4. eric you

    the business man would have more a speaking role and would make cameos inside the mazes, scarezones,and the terror tram he would be very rich and famous like a celebrity but crazy, evil, and be really scary more than freedy, jigsaw, chucky, and other past icons used in the hollywood event.

  5. eric you

    the business man’s backstory is he was desiring to make a horror movie in the park but he gets rejected from universal studios and now want revenge so he make a deal with the devil to give him the power to make horror movies come to life and to be given everlasting life. but he gets put in jail but he escapes and steal some horror movies from a store. then he summons several movie based monsters to get revenge on universal studios. he gets shot in the chest and becomes taken over by the movies he stole. he can now get his revenge by killing guests/victims and make us scream for our lives.

  6. eric you

    for hollywood after the dvd release of scream 4 and the thing you may want to extend terror tram to have the mummy tunnel scene where ghostface completes the tour with a new more scary movie where the guests will die but the tour guide was killed by him and he takes over the ride.

  7. eric you

    you can make terror tram to be extended for next year with ghostface returns and terror tram is turned get ready to scream to death. this time he has a new revenge against universal for not going back to the classic scary movies and ghostface opens brand new mazes, scarezones,and a brand new terror tram.

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