Video: Ride the new Disneyland Hotel monorail water slides with twisting and turning retro pool fun

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Disneyland Hotel recently opened a new, immersive, and highly-themed water play area that’s inspired by decades of history and nostalgia. Towering atop the new pool area is a recreation of the original theme park’s iconic signage, where “Disneyland” is spelled out in familiar blocks. Just below are two new water slides, each themed to the classic Monorail design, situated on a structure reminiscent of the original Monorail station at the Disneyland Hotel.

Disneyland Hotel pool

The Monorail Red slide is the larger of the two, sitting 26 feet high and stretching 187 feet through several twists and turns until it plunges into a splash pool. The Monorail Blue slide is for younger guests, at just 13 feet high and 112 feet long. For even younger guests, there is also a much smaller third mini-slide that sits just 3 ½ feet high and is 19 feet long.

So is this wet trip through Disneyland history fun? Absolutely! Take a virtual ride on both Monorail slides in the video below and see for yourself:

I was excited to try out these Disney-fied water slides from the moment I first saw the concept art. And I wasn’t the only one. Arriving at the pool area at 10 a.m. last week, just as the slides opened for the day, I headed up the stairs for the first time following a few eager children. While waiting at the top, the 30-something year old woman behind me asked, “We’re not adults, are we?” I simply told her, “Everyone’s a kid at Disneyland.” And it couldn’t be more true.

The Monorail Red slide is surprisingly long. At first glance, it seems like it twists around one or two turns and dumps you into the water, but there are actually a couple extra turns you likely won’t notice until you’re headed down the chute. It’s not a big thrill ride, but it is fantastic for a hotel pool slide. Plus the theme helps heighten the experience. The Monorail Blue slide is perfect for those who want a taste of water slide action without getting too excited (though still plenty wet).

A new “D Ticket”-themed, 4-foot-deep pool is situated next to the new Monorail water play area. In late 2011, the “E-Ticket” pool will open, replacing the Never Land pool.

Disneyland Hotel pool

Disneyland Hotel pool

(It was in the nearby pools that “real” mermaids were spotted swimming around at a recent private party.)

Three new cabanas are available at the Disneyland Hotel pool, each featuring a flat screen TV, refrigerator, safe, phone, and ceiling fan:

Disneyland Hotel pool

There are also plenty of available benches for those wanting to simply lounge around the area:

Disneyland Hotel pool

And the whole new Monorail-themed structure is especially gorgeous at night:

Disneyland Hotel pool at night

(You can catch a glimpse of the colorful waterfall pictured above in action in our video recap of the recent Disneyland Soundsational Summer VIP party.)

The new Disneyland Hotel pool area is accessible only to guests staying at the Disneyland Hotel. The whole area is sectioned off by Monorail-themed gates that are pretty to look at, but ultimately frustrating for those seeking out retro fun. Hotel key cards are required to gain access.

Disneyland Hotel pool

Fortunately, with all of the improvements going on throughout this classic hotel, it’s not a tough choice to decide to stay there. If you notice construction in the background of the video or photos above, it’s because the Disneyland Hotel’s towers have been under renovation, being renamed for the distinctive lands of Disneyland. The Dreams Tower is becoming the Adventure Tower, and the Wonder Tower will become the Frontier Tower. The Magic Tower, which will be finished in late 2011, will transform to the Fantasy Tower. At the entrance of each tower, large marquees will feature classic artwork of Adventureland, Frontierland and Fantasyland identifying each building.

It’s all part of a two-year transformation of the hotel that includes new dining, remodeled guest rooms, main lobby, and port cochere of the Fantasy Tower, and several new incredibly detailed (and expensive) suites.

Check back here soon for tours of each of these suites and more from the Disneyland Hotel!

More photos from the Disneyland Hotel pool area and Monorail water slides:

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