Disneyland Hotel pool to receive monorail-themed water slides

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Disney has announced that the Never Land Pool at Disneyland Hotel in California will be receiving a complete makeover, including new water slides allowing you to speed through replicas of Disney’s original monorails. In addition, the original park’s famous Disneyland sign will be recreated atop the slides, more than 26 feet above the pool below.

More changes to the pool area include adding a four-foot deep pool, six new cabanas, and two new restaurants. Retro references continue in two new restaurants as elements from Disneyland’s old Tahitian Terrace restaurant will be featured along with Jungle Cruise-style adventure.

All of it is scheduled to be open by summer 2011, with the exception of the water slides which will take another year, opening by summer 2012.

Visit the Disney Parks Blog for more complete renderings of the upcoming Disneyland Hotel changes.


  1. Anthony

    So does this mean the entire “Neverland” theme is completely gone? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the monorail so this is amazing! My dream come true, but does that mean the pirate ship and everything is going away? I love them both too much to know if I’m excited or sad.

  2. Peter

    I dunno what to say.

  3. I love when water slides curve a lot.

  4. Wayne Ota

    Is there a height requirement on any of the water slides at the Disneyland hotel

    1. Sarah Crewe

      I believe there is, I mean even a small recenter waterslide has a height requirement.

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