Comments for Summertime Video: Ride Aquatica water slides and lazy rivers at SeaWorld Orlando’s water park


  1. Scott B

    Ricky, just curious, how do you think this ranks with the other area waterparks?

    I have only been to Blizzard Beach myself, which was quite awesome.

    1. Scott B

      Oh I should have specified, how it ranks with the area waterparks.

      1. Ricky Brigante

        I’ve been to Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Wet n Wild, and Aquatica and Aquatica may very well be my favorite for all-around enjoyment. Disney’s themed environments are great, but too kid-focused at times, especially in Blizzard Beach. And Summit Plummet is still the most thrilling water slide around. Other than that, Aquatica has a perfect mixture of fun water slides (often with little to no wait), animal viewing areas, beaches for lounging, and decent food. Roa’s Rapids is my favorite water park attraction in Orlando. The fast-moving river is unlike anything at any of the other local water parks and I could stay in it for hours. The wave pools in Aquatica aren’t nearly as fun as the one in Typhoon Lagoon, but wave pools get old after a few minutes.

        1. Scott B

          Thanks for the reply. Definitely something to consider for my next trip.

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