Comments for Rapunzel to officially become 10th Disney Princess in London ceremony, will wear ‘stolen’ tiara in theme parks


  1. Kitty

    Acknowledging her royalty by wering the Tiara AND having the long blond hair still doesn’t make sense. just sain… 🙂

    1. Jennifer

      I am so glad.I keep going to to check if Rapunzel has been added and I never see her,and I`m like that is so unfair!They added Tiana,but not Rapunzel?!But I still think they should add Eilonwy and Kidagakash.Who cares if their movies were flops?Sleeping Beauty flopped,but Aurora still gets her glory!They should also add Giselle.(well,Mulan is`nt officially royal,either!)

      1. alex

        yea ummm……just letting you know sleeping beauty didnt flop.

        1. Brendan

          Actually when Sleeping Beauty first came out it was considered a flop because it was of the worst Disney movies to perform at the box office at the time and it was disliked by critics so technically it was a flop. Glad I could clear that up 🙂

  2. Claen

    I remember a few years ago when they had a ceremony for Tiana, and then Tangled came out and I said, “Where’s the ceremony for Rapunzel?” Now I’m getting my wish – and I think it’s because of the outpouring of support for the movie and its characters – there was far more ads and merchandise for Princess and the Frog than for Tangled – with Tangled a lot of its success is because of word of mouth. I for one am still waiting for a small plush Pascal to be released – more merch, please!

    Still think it’s odd they’re doing it in the UK.

  3. Umm, since when has Mulan been considered a Princess?

    Belle, Cinderella and Tiana married into Royalty by the end of their stories; While Mulan just married a General of the Chinese Army. Maybe I missed something by not seeing the sequel…

    1. EricJ

      The Disney Parks Blog got into a big argument over why Mulan was a “Princess”, and Kida, Giselle and Eilony “weren’t”.

      The answers were:
      A) Disney decides who “deserves” to be a princess and who doesn’t,
      B) The park Mulan answers guests’ questions with that she was granted “noble” status by the Emperor for her contribution, so she’s considered an Honorary princess by her people.

      (Me, I say if Tiana can get in on a sympathy vote, so should Kida–Her movie was worse, but she was just as good a princess.)

      1. Jennifer

        I agree!They need to add to Eilonwy,Giselle,and Kida.

      2. TimS

        The Chinese Government says to Disney who is and isn’t a Princess. The Chinese Government owns most US Companies via stock ownership. They called Rober Iger, and said in Chineses accent “Yu listen heaar! Yu mak Mulan a princess! The Chinese Gov’t will use proxy power to fire YU!

  4. What ever happened to Princess Giselle? Disney seem to have brushed her to one side.

    1. gerry

      disney decided not to market her because they would have to pay alot of money to Amy Adams(Giselle in the film) for using her likeness.

      1. Jennifer

        Disney can be really cheap sometimes.(espially with crayons.Disney brand crayons are least the ones I`ve used.)

    2. Amanda

      Remember that Giselle didn’t marry the prince, so technically she’s not a princess anyway.

      1. Jennifer

        Mulan did`nt marry a prince,either.She almost did. like Giselle,but she did`nt.

  5. Brit

    I think it’s awesome it’s being done in the UK. Maybe because many of the Disney princesses are based on fairy tales from Europe? Rapunzel is originally German afterall, perhaps they thought having it done in the UK would give the princesses a sense of enchantment considering it’s taking place at a palace.

  6. kim

    sooooo where can i see the induction ceremony? Was there one for tiana that I can see on like youtube?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      While I won’t be flying to London to see this one, I’m sure Disney will provide some video and photos of it.

  7. Brandy

    I’m so happy that Rapunzel will officially be a princess to the Disney Princess lineup! I absoutly love Tangled and thought it was the best Disney film that was ever made! I was hoping Rapunzel would be consered an offical princess to Disney,because she does desreve it! Will the cermony be on tv or anything? I like to know so I can tape it.I missed the one Tiana was cornaited to line up.Anyways I’m also excited that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider will officially be married in the spring on a Disney Chanel special! I was so hoping to see the wedding by the end of the movie that there wasn’t one,but only talked about during narration by Flynn Rider himself.So I’m absouly thrilled we finally see them marry!

  8. Nadia

    okay I have a question, what celebrities are going to attend this event?

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