Comments for Disney Studios to sit out 2011 San Diego Comic Con with D23 Expo on the horizon


  1. That was so cool that Johnny Depp was there last year as Captain Jack Awesome picture..

  2. Flagg

    Samuel L. Jackson recently said that he would not be attending SDCC, which raised some eyebrows. He didn’t say much more than that, but could it be because Disney/Marvel is saving their big AVENGERS presentation for D23. I really really hope so!!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Great observation. It would definitely be a great surprise to see Samuel L Jackson, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner show up to premiere a first clip from The Avengers. And I wouldn’t put it past Walt Disney Studios to do just that.

      At the first D23 Expo, the Studios brought out Tim Burton, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, the Muppets, Miley Cyrus, Nicolas Cage, and others. Quite the star-studded presentation.

  3. Aaron

    “this strategy of presenting to Comic Con attendees/fanboys hasn’t paid off well in recent years, essentially marketing to those who would be seeing those films anyway.”

    So aren’t people going to a Disney convention going to see Disney movies anyway?

    1. Since1976

      “So aren’t people going to a Disney convention going to see Disney movies anyway?”

      This is true, but unlike at SDCC, Disney has complete control over their presentation and venue at their own Expo, footage of which gets broadcast to the masses instantly.

      (By the by, Marvel has recently chimed in that they *will* be at SDCC. How much of their upcoming movies they will feature there — particularly the first Disney feature THE AVENGERS — is unknown)

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