Comments for Disneyland to debut The Little Mermaid, Star Tours 2, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, Disneyland Hotel upgrades with big media splash


  1. Tiger

    Wow it all sounds so exciting! 🙂 I will be there on the 3rd through the 5th of that weekend. Although I wont be able to do this (you guys have the coolest jobs on the planet lol) it will be fun to just be around and suck up all the atmosphere of the press and activity like I was around WOC last year! Cant wait!!

  2. Rush

    Wait, so the opening of Star Tours 2 on June 3 ISNT open to the public?? Am I understanding that correctly?? I bought tickets and made arrangments just to make sure that I was there on opening day! Can someone please clarify this??

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Star Tours 2, the attraction, will be open to the public on June 3. However, the opening ceremony itself may or may not be visible by the public. After the morning ceremony concludes, the ride will be open to all.

      1. Tiger

        Sounds like what they did with Finding Nemo in ’07. Had a big morning ceremony and then opened the ride up for General Public after that.

  3. Jimmy

    Does anyone know what time the Mermaid event will be held????

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