Comments for Spoiler-Free Review – Star Tours: The Adventures Continue soft opening preview at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


  1. Mike

    Thanks for the review. Intensely jealous of you all, but enjoyed living vicariously through your review!

  2. Matt

    Sounds awesome Ricky!!! Can’t wait to ride it in the preview event on Thursday 😀 😀

  3. Nick

    So are the simulators new or are they new ones with greater movement?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Neither. They’re just improved/repaired. The range of movement seems the same, but they don’t jiggle and sound like they’re going to fall apart anymore. 😉 They’re programmed perfectly to match the new scenes. And at times I feel like they tilt back/forward more than they used to.

  4. I appreciate you posting a spoiler free review but there are some of us that would like to see a spoiler filled review as well.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      All in good time. 🙂 Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Robert F

    You’ve no idea how excited this is getting me over this update I’ve been wishing for since 2001! Me and my friends still find it hard to believe it really is happening!
    Fantastic write-up and geez you’re lucky to have experienced it already, but I’m definitely looking forward to June 4th when I’ll get my chance in Anaheim! =D
    One question though! How was the ride’s score/soundtrack? Did it sound John Williams-ish? And I wonder if he actually recorded new music for this ride and each of it’s segments, or if they took the lazy route and just took samples from the various film scores? And does the music transition from scene to scene well – like is there an obvious “transition gap” or something? I would hope an official featurette or interview with whoever’s responsible for the new Star Tours music would be released soon! =]
    Great job helping to keep the imagination and excitement of the Disney parks alive Ricky!

    1. Jared T

      Composer Michael Giacchino (various Pixar movies, LOST) is responsible for adapting the original John Williams music for the ride. It’s my understanding that the music is all newly recorded for the ride, and Giacchino also incorporates the original “Star Tours” theme music as well (as heard in the old pre-boarding video). Unfortunately I haven’t ridden it myself yet, but maybe someone who has could shed some more light on this?

  6. Erik

    I cant wait to see the new show. I hope the new Star Tours show is better than the horrible new Star Tours cast costumes. No imagination! It seems that every new costume that is introduced at WDW or DL is worse than the one it replaces. Is it money or just untalented designers or bad WDI creative management? Why are all the overseas park costumes so much better. Don’t the same people design everything?

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