Comments for ‘Ratatouille’ dark ride en route to Disneyland Paris as first concept art, plans are revealed


  1. Sounds like it could be something that would go nicely at Epcot… Someday!
    I may be know where near to what they’re planning, but I came up with a concept for this attraction about a year ago on my blog.
    Check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. Wow! Did I really say “know where near”?!?! Arrgh!!! Hate it when I do that! Should be “nowhere near”… Geez!

  3. joshdarkensins

    I thought this was going to be in in epcot when i first read it -_- drat!!

  4. Yensidaj

    Paris needs a nice ride like this, but I agree it sure would be a nice weenie to help get people further into EPCOT with kids as that section of the park is lacking any sort of ride. I hope that it comes to EPCOT too!

  5. EricJ

    I know DL Paris has “adopted” Ratatouille as the French Disney-fans’ “native son”, but…Am I the only one with difficulty picturing it as a dark ride??
    The story doesn’t exactly, y’know, GO anywhere, and pretty much stays in the same restaurant–A kitchen chase -through- the restaurant, maybe, but…??

    (But then again, rat, shmat, what do they know, they’re tourists!) 😉

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