Comments for Geek Nostalgia: Looking back at the original Star Tours ride at Disney-MGM Studios


  1. Scott B

    I remember riding on this in 1990 during my first WDW trip. I was your typical 12 year old kid with an obsession with all things Star Wars. Girls clearly were not a priority during this part of my life. The ride did not disappoint. Neither did it on all of my other trips to the park since then.

    As long as the new one refrains from mentioning midichlorian counts and trade federation embargoes, I am sure it will not disappoint either.

    1. walkingdisneyfreak

      i wasn’t alive in 1990…

      1. Tiger

        LOL, I now feel super old being born in 1974 😉

        Anyway, I too have fond memories of this ride, mostly in DLR in Cali where I was born and grew up around and yes, I was there the very first summer in 1987. It WAS a great ride and a ‘must do’ for a very long time. As my interest in Disney got bigger, I ended up doing this ride at WDW a few times, Tokyo and even Paris! Its always funny listening to Rex squeal in multiple languages ;). But as much as I loved the original, it has overstayed its welcome as there was no more of a 10-20 minute wait at most throughout the year at any theme park. We needed something new to shake it up and it looks like by all accounts and effort, they done just that!

        Oh and keep THIS in mind: From 1987 until 2010, I rode this ride around 40 times—and thats not the number of the 54 experiences this ride is expected to give us! 22 years of riding it and still wouldnt be close to seeing all the different combinations this ride will provide. So yes, some people can potentially ride it for a lifetime and will see something different everytime!

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