Comments for First Look At New Art Of Animation Resort Concept Art And Rooms Shown At Destination D: Walt Disney World

Art of Animation


  1. Scott

    Looking really awesome! Not sure what room I’d want but I definitely wanna stay here soon as it’s open.

  2. EricJ

    I don’t even LIKE Lion King, and I want to stay in one of the rooms! 🙂

  3. Mary T.

    What room to choose from?! I can’t wait to try this hotel out!

  4. Stephen

    These are beautiful! Can’t wait to see them.

  5. Lucy

    I like the themeing of the resort, but the room decor looks a little over-the-top, in my opinion. I look forward to seeing the resort in person. Hopefully Disney will make the rooms feel magical and immersive without over-doing it.

    1. Scott B

      I was thinking the same thing. There is nothing subtle about these rooms. The rest of the resort looks cool though.


    Disney’s Art Of Animation resort will be awesome! And I can’t wait the Opening of this resort in May 2012!

  7. Lauren

    This looks soo creative. Good job Disney. 5/31 is my birthday wish I could be there. Have fun.

  8. Robin

    I have a question is there an attraction called Radiator Springs?

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