Comments for English Channel band rocks Epcot debut playing the music of Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, The Beatles and more in Walt Disney World


  1. mickey 79

    if the video is anything to go by they aren’t getting the crowd involvement that British Invaision did….I’ll withhold judgement till next week when I get to see them in person…part of the fun of the British invaision was watching parents, kids, grandparents dancing and singing the songs…hard to believe that kids, grandkids, parents, and grandparents and all will be dancing and singing along to Kahmir and the like….

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I wouldn’t judge crowd excitement by this video alone. It was a rather slow day at Epcot and crowds were light everywhere.

  2. Buckly

    I really wish they’d get rid of that silly gazebo and build a proper stage for the band. It is way to small and creates some terrible sightlines.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I agree completely. It doesn’t have to be as huge as the American theater but those support columns drove me nuts while trying to see the performers’ faces.

  3. Matt

    I like the band, but that Intro is really really annoying!!! Im glad they have got a band that play and sound great though. I cant wait to see them when I get there in 2 weeks!!!

  4. Joey

    I think this is a terrible idea. The Beatles still have an appeal for people from 8 to 80 and I really enjoyed the British Invasion for capturing the sound and essence of ‘the British Invasion’. Having some longhaired cover band that you could find in any club in any midsize US city cheapens the Epcot experience. Especially since they aren’t really English.

  5. Dale

    This is a terrible idea for sure, where is the appeal in watching a 3rd rate pub band at a world class theme park? Disney needs to rethink this for sure. Wow I am not impressed in the slightest, this is just plain bad. Look at the way they are dressed, the way they look, and listen to they way they sound. They don’t play the songs right, using heavily distorted guitars will scare the crap out of my grandmother I might have taken for a day out. Absolutely horrid!!!!! It is a sad day indeed at the UK pavilion, UTTER RUBBISH!! I won’t be going to see this anytime soon, accept to maybe help them pack up their gear to go home.

    1. Geoff from the UK

      I was going to take issue with the previous comments, because they seemed a bit harsh. Then I watched the video and saw a very average performance from what appeared to be an American band. With all the money and influence that Disney has, this is the best that they could come up with? My own band could do better and I’ve seen dozens of tribute bands in the UK that would blow that lot of the stage!

  6. Scott

    While I like heavy rock, I still don’t really like this decision. I’m a huge Beatles fan and I honestly feel that they have a much larger fan appeal and will be more timeless in the end. Also the fact that the guys aren’t even British does’t seem to fit how close to detail the rest of EPCOT is.

  7. I kinda take issue with the “welcome change” comment. British Invasion was a great band. And everything that is wrong with British Channel is in your story. I like the costumes. I don’t want to see the cast member in shorts and a tshirt putting me on the Haunted Mansion. Costumes are a part of the attraction to Disney so that’s why the British Invasion is a better act. Not to mention that the Beatles are iconic. This band looks like the stars of some Nickelodeon/Disney Channel show.

  8. Rose

    Just another cover band.

    They are capable.

    …but its nothing “magic”. Nothing that makes them feel special.

    …and its the “British” pavilion. Why not a British band?

    The selection of music includes much I own and enjoy but this is not a band I’d stop and linger to listen to. Epcot deserves special and British deserves British.

    I’m not going out of my way to listen to this band.

  9. Buckly

    Wow, lots of hate. As with many things Disney, most people fear change. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get a bit of variety in there. There are other British bands with songs that deserve to be heard and I don’t think Grandma is gonna keel over if she hears Led Zeppelin or The Kinks. And they aren’t British? So what. Off Kilter isn’t Scottish (or Canadian for that matter) but I haven’t heard too many complaints about them.

    1. Andy

      Variety is not the best quality to use to judge this band. The British Invasion also included music from the Kinks and the Animals, among others. But they did it with style and didn’t just try to make the loudest, grungiest noise they could. Disney could do better.

    2. paisleyskye

      I agree. Why all the hateful comments? We saw them for the first time a couple of week ago and we are going back to Epcot tomorrow specifically to see them. We really liked their performance. My husband is a big Beatles fan but he can appreciate that there are other British musicians as well. We like that the British Revolution plays more of a variety. The only complaint I have isn’t about the band. It’s about the children running around through the mazes while the band is playing. I find it to be distracting. We have kids of our own so I hope no one accuses me of not liking children. I think it’s fine to walk around in that area near the gazebo when no one is around but in my opinion when the band is playing it seems kind of rude for the kids to be running about.

  10. Andy

    Disney wanted a UK version of “Off Kilter” it seems. Or with that hair maybe these are cast offs from Mulch, Sweat and Shears? This is just a band with mediocre performers who makes a lot of loud noise. If this first performance provides any insight, the vocals are not good and the instrumentation lacks any sort of cohesion. It sounded to me like this was the first time they played together — maybe just nerves? I also didn’t notice any connection with the audience – no singing, dancing, not even any banter. My family and I will definitely miss seeing the British Invasion and I don’t foresee us going out of our way to attend this show … unless perhaps they sound better with a few pints.

  11. Buddy

    Wake up friends…. this band is leap years stronger than the the last. they are performing an epic concert that the last band couldn’t even dream about.

    Zeppelin, the Who, as well as classics…. … these guys are not a cover band… these guys are what is missing from the epic movement known as the British Invasion.

    British Invasion was one of 624 Beatles tribute bands worldwide. They were great. I loved them. They were a perfect fit at Epcot for many years. Though this group kills it. Please don’t post if you haven’t heard them live. I hear convicts every show!!!

    Bravo Disney!!!!

    1. Cindy

      My entire family LOVED the performance of English Channel! We heard them in May 2011 and although the park was not crowded, their viewing gardens were PACKED! Fun, full of energy and a great sound. Folks give bad feedback on the gazebo, but I felt it fit with the show, and the UK pavilion – shade was nice. For the show I watched, there were about 150 cheering guests. thanks for the show. wouldn’t change a thing.

  12. KareBear

    I’ve seen and heard this band in person and they’re incredible! I, for one, love the variety… the U.K. is home to some incredible music; not just the Beatles! For the record, I went to a performance on May 7th and it was a packed house!

  13. jb

    The British Invasion was great. The music appealed to all ages, they got got the crowd into it by singing along and dancing,and the costumes were just part of a first rate act that imitated the worlds greatest band.My wife and looked foward seeing them every visit. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

  14. Dar

    This band is great. The guys are very talented. I seen them 5/10 and 5/14 and both times had a crowd. Going back tomorrow to see them again.

  15. Kate

    I heard this band when I was at EPCOT two weeks ago… They are AMAZING!!! Their music is terrific; Everyone from the France to Canada pavilions was singing along with them. Also, they are great performers…really engaging to watch.

  16. David

    Just saw them last week and these guys sound so great in person and totally engaged the crowd. Don’t judge them until you see them live! Only complaint is the stage and how they’re hidden. Get them out in a more popular walkway and a proper stage where you can see them! They nailed every song. Wish I could have seen all their shows. When I’m back at Epcot, I’ll watch them again (with or without a pint). Rock on English Channel!

  17. Tena

    Saw them 7/16 and they were awesome.

  18. Cassie

    I love these guys! They give off a really good energy. The music is fun, and I like the greater variety. Britain’s more than just the Beatles… The crowd seemed to be loving their music as well, and it definitely was a crow. I look forward to seeing them next time I have the chance to go to Epcot.

  19. paisleyskye

    We saw the British Revolution for the first time a couple of weeks ago when we went to Epcot to see Starship. Between both bands it was a great night for music. We loved their performance and we are going back tomorrow (or should I say later today ) specifically to see them play. They are livelier than the British Invasion. I think that’s what we liked not that we didn’t like the British Invasion. We had seen them play several times and liked their shows as well. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that Disney replaced the British Invasion with the British Revolution. Technically they are the replacement band but the British Invasion left on their own. It was their decision to stop playing at Epcot.

  20. Rose

    We really miss the British Invasion. It’s the same songs each set from these guys. We avoid England area now. Hearing them Lip sync The Police – Roxanne was over the top last Friday night. It was clearly Sting’s voice. We sure miss the old days when The British Invasion never repeated a song all day.

  21. joseph galasso

    I looked forward to the fab four the last 12 times I made the trip to Disney…..now I wont even go to England because of this…bad move….bad move……baaaaddddd mooooveee

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