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Tiki Room


  1. Claen

    I didn’t necessarily hate the “Under New Management”, but this is exciting news! What’s next? Horizons taking the place of Mission: Space? 馃槈

  2. Westcoast Brian

    Is it the full show or the condensed version that is at Disneyland?

  3. joshdarkensins


  4. EricJ

    Yes!…Paul Pressler, thy condescending evil has been cleansed by FIRE!!!! 馃榾

    (Seriously, I know those who grew up knowing nothing else say “What was wrong with UNM?”–And we’ve forgotten the years of living under a Parks CEO who genuinely thought grownups HATED the park. Not kidding. If an attraction got low numbers, it was clearly an outdated Walt-era embarrassment blight on the landscape, fit only for contempt and ridicule.
    In the Real World, there was nothing wrong with the old Walt-era Tiki show, it was just had the same leisurely pace as the 60’s TV-show–Too many characters got long solo numbers, and every song went on twice as long as it should have. The Classic show needed a little streamlined tweaking, like the Disneyland version got, but only a complete jerk would have thrown it out with the bathwater.)

    1. Paul E

      I worked under Pressler at Disneyland. He came from the Disney Store and attempted to turn every shop at the Park into a Disney Store complete with all the same trinkets and trash you can buy at your local mall. Every store, regardless of Land or theme, was the same. Gone were the fun arifacts of the South Seas Trader and all the New Orleans gems found at the One of A Kind shop (Lilian’s favorite shop!) What a shame he was.

      1. EricJ

        The one thing that came out of the Pressler era–Downtown Disney, Disney Institute, Port Orleans as a “grownup” resort, etc.–was his neurotic belief that grownups HATED the park…He believed that on a stack of bibles. PP believed that adults were “embarrassed” or “bored” to be seen at Magic Kingdom, wanted to drop the kiddies off during the day, and spend the afternoon at the Eagle Pines golf course…Paul, you don’t know us vewy well, DO you?
        That was the same reason we got the Studios “Villain” marketing a while back–PP believed that grownups would joke about how “sick” of Disney they were, by sympathizing with Hook and Cruella. The man was NOT WELL. 馃檨

        Which is why his other neurotic obsession was blaming anything that wasn’t getting as much attendance on the fact that it was TOO OLD!, and that it needed to be updated to a current 90’s movie because the audience wanted “movie rides”. Florida got UNM and California got Tarzan’s (Swiss) Treehouse.

        1. Becca

          HA! Disney not appealing to adults…. clearly he missed all of the for the young and the young at heart. Maybe someday soon Disney will realise that it was the individual shops, FAMILY rides and the general atmosphere that adults loved! Who doesn’t want to go on a vacation where it is perfectly acceptable to act like a child. The classic rides (which have not been removed) have stood the test of time, look at Pirates of the Carribean, they made a film about it! Maybe this will be the reality jolt they need when all the ‘classic’ Disney ride fans are there waiting for this ride to reopen that it was the individuality that was loved about WDW.

  5. Stephen

    My major question about this is this. What will happen to Uh-oha or whatever that tiki goddess name was… will she just be replaced with a fountain? I wonder if Disney still has all the water pumps underground for the fountain to be hooked up again…


    Did like, Iago and Zazu catch fire or something? Lol. That would be like if Universal decided when Dudley Dooright’s Ripsaw Falls caught fire to turn it into like Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Splash or something, lol.

  6. Stephen

    Glad to hear it! I only recently had the opportunity to view the original version of the Enchanted Tiki room in Disneyland and liked it far, FAR better than the “Under New Management” which up ’till now was the only version I knew. Awesome.

  7. Grinning Ghost

    Not so fast: The Disney Parks Blog only says that it will be “reminiscent” of the original show, NOT that the original version itself will be returning.

    On the other hand, I was told a month ago virtually the same thing that Ricky posted – that it WILL be the original show. The only difference is that I was told the show will reopen in August.

    1. EricJ

      Think they’re using “reminiscent” to safely keep sticklers from pointing out that Disneyland’s show isn’t “really” the show Walt opened, since they cut a few numbers down.
      So, in a way, you both could be right: They could be just bringing over DLR’s current show, which is only SORT OF like the Classic show.

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