Comments for Blackbeard to be added to Pirates of the Caribbean rides in Disneyland and Walt Disney World


  1. Gray


  2. rodimus

    would have been cool if they could have put him in the ride without getting rid of davy jones

    1. Christine

      Exactly! Nothing wrong with adding more villains, but don’t remove them completely.

      1. S. Jo

        You can’t quote me on this, but Blackbeard is only a temporary effect while the 4th movie is in theaters. Then it will supposedly go back to Davy Jones. (Unless, of course, the guests like this effect better… then it might come to replace it…)

        1. Tiger

          No offense, but you basically said what is already stated in the article if you read it.

          1. EricJ

            Well, SOMEBODY read it, anyway:
            Most folks skim the headlines and jump straight to the comments without getting the context–Like the poster below who also thought the change was permanent.

            It’s a “synergized” movie plug, and I’m still guessing they may not have as much time as they think to plug it, Angelica M&G appearances included…#3 was dead, but 4 is deader.

            It’s not like they had to change the story, and Davy/Blackbeard doesn’t interact with it beyond the waterfall anyway. Disney seems to be jumping the gun lately about promoting their movies in the parks before we even know about them, but as long as it doesn’t do any lasting damage.

  3. D-$

    Speaking for Disneyland’s version:
    From the concept art, it looked as if Blackbeard was being added to a waterfall, in the scene right after the second drop. This would keep Davey Jones and add a new effect as well. At least you can still see one of the recorded segments of Davey Jones in World of Color at Disney California Adventure.

  4. Christine

    NOOOO!!! Come on, Disney, just leave stuff alone! Already bad enough you changed the ride to begin with, but now you’re taking out the cool villain? Replacing Davy Jones with Grizzly Adams….oh, excuse me, Blackbeard? I don’t know see where this will be very popular at all. I really do hope this will be temporary.

    1. Tiger

      I know the hardcore Disney fan enthusiats doesnt like this stuff, but for the average guest, they seem to love it! Especially for the younger generation that is more connected to the movies now than the actual ride. Not saying you have to like it, but I certainly understand why Disney does it, to give an old attraction a bit of a new flair!

  5. PAUL

    i think it would be a great idea to add the notorious black beard to the ride. he would be more sinister looking for the boat ride.but as the smoke screen effect in the cavern scene.

  6. Julie

    No,no,no and a big NOOOOO! Blackbeard doesn’t fit with this waterfall! Bring Davy Jones back or there will be the devil to pay!!!

  7. Akemmi

    If it’s only a temporary change to promote the movie I don’t mind. I think Davy Jones appearing on a water screen is far more appropriate but I wouldn’t mind a blackbeard animatronic in the future.

  8. Jon

    I liked Davy Jones…. thought Blackbeard was a boring addition lol

  9. Ranky

    Guys, Davy Jones is back.

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