Comments for Video: Disney reveals first look at Ariel animatronics for upcoming ‘The Little Mermaid’ dark ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World


  1. wazomike

    Every update I see for this attraction I just get even more excited for it. All the Audio-Animatronics look incredible!

  2. joshdarkensins

    Ursela looked amazing but Ariel is looking scary and as well not really looking like herself =T hopefully it will look better in person.

  3. WOW – I think Ariel looks amazing and like a LIVING cartoon – freaky good as a matter of fact!

  4. Christopher Thayer

    Ariel holding the statuette kinda looks like one of those small pose-able rubber toys that had the holes where they were meant to bent.

  5. Will

    The one with the hair up is creepy.

  6. Blake

    Ugh, that doesn’t look too good lol

  7. anonymous

    On April 10th, Disneyparks blog author Valarie Sukovaty made this follow-up comment;

    “Our friends at Imagineering asked me to point out that what you are seeing in the video is not the final version of either Ariel figure that you will see in the attraction. They still need the addition of their finished skins, figure finishing, show lighting and a few more weeks of testing before they will be finished. We wanted you to be the first to see these works-in-progress by sharing them here on the Disney Parks Blog.”

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