Comments for Unconfirmed Report: Walt Disney World may add Brazil pavilion as next country in Epcot World Showcase


  1. Jason

    Here is the Google translation:
    Brazil managed to seat a large international “forum”: Disney. Representatives of the largest complex of theme parks in the world have sought the federal government this week to announce that will install a flag of Brazil at Epcot Center in Orlando (USA). The country ranks with nations like USA, China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Canada.

    Two ministers will climb teams to help in that effort: Helena Chagas, the Secom (Secretariat for Social Communication), and Fernando Pimentel, Development. They will provide information on Brazil to help the park raise the flag. The government forecast is for a big comeback in tourism.

  2. Michael

    Yes! Go Brazil!

    Ricky, guys, you don’t know what this means to us! Disney has a big, big hand in Brazil- everyone knows it, everyone loves it, everyone buys it. Just last year we had a “promotional parade” that stopped the BIGGEST CITY in the country. IN THE COUNTRY. I am saying, right now, that if this pavillion does well, it just adds up to the list of facts why Disney should build a park in Brazil- did I mention that it’s one of the continents that has never truly explored the theme park market yet?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Hopefully with all your enthusiasm and excitement it actually happens. We’ll wait and see!

    2. Ricardo

      I’m Brazilian and my family and I usually visit WDW twice a year. For us, is a dream come true to have a Brazilian Pavillion! It’s hard to see that some people say that Brazilian people are rude! I think these people should visit Brazil before saying that! Of course, there are rude people everywhere, but you can’t generalize. Imagine a place where we can show our culture, our food, our music, our ethnically diverse and our hospitality. Brazil is going to host the next Soccer World Cup in 2004, the Olimpic Games in 2006 and will have the most amazing Pavillion in Epcot Center!

      1. Brian

        People use general terms, but what they mean to say is when the Brazilian tour groups come to WDW their leaders don’t take the time to explain a couple of our cultural norms. I see the same two issues EVERY FREAKING YEAR for the past 30yrs. First the crowding, pushing, and cutting in lines which is unacceptable. Wait patiently and if you are within a foot of someone you don’t know, you’re too close. Second, I understand it’s important to keep groups together but the groups move through the parks in long, strung out lines at high speeds and without regard for anyone else. And each year this gets worse. In the past three years two of my four children have been pushed to the ground, one trampled, and I decked a guy last year for knocking my wife over. This NEVER happens with any other groups, at any other time during the year. Move in an orderly fashion, beware of the people around you and slow down! It’s not a race. My patience on this one is over and for our upcoming trip in July I’ve told my children, all 1st degree black belts in Taekwondo along with myself and my wife, to treat it like sparring and fight back.

        1. Julia

          I am Brazilian, I have worked for Disney before and today I am a tour leader of these teenage groups. I agree with you that a few people sometimes have an innapropriate behavior. But you can’t generalize it to all brazilian groups.
          I’ve taken groups of brazilian teenagers for 2 years now, and I have never had any problems with any cast members or other guests. We DO explain them all the rules about the parks.

          My city usually takes about 40 groups (each group with 45 to 50 people) each season (January and July), I know all the other tour guides and I’ve never heard of problems.

          When I worked at Disney I did receive complains about some of the brazilian tour groups, people cutting the lines, and I also received complains about americans, argentinians, english, chinese and russian people cutting the lines.

          There is innapropriate behavior in every nationality. And you have to remember that they are groups of teenagers. I also received many, many complaints about american teenagers. I guess teens are teens everywhere, so again, you can’t generalize it!

          1. Renato

            I’m Brazilian, and I visit WDW and Disneyland every year since the year 2001. I have never seen brazilian groups cutting lines in WDW (but I believe some groups do). In this year and last year I had lots of problems with argentinians teenage group.
            Now I feel very sorry that people abroad thinks that we (brazilians) are rude. I think groups of teenagers are always complicate from diferent nationalities. I had problems with argentinians, Brian has problems with brazilians, but please don’t generalize it because, a nation’s behavior can not be measured by the acts of groups of teenagers.
            Now in Disneyland California I have already seen lots of americans and mexicans cutting lines.
            And I believe that a pavilion of Brazil would be great!

  3. Wild Ol' Dan

    If true, this is indeed a wonderful bit of news and long, long overdue.
    Disney needs to be expanding the monorail system and doing exciting new things in Florida…like the new Fantasyland…and Marc Davis’s wonderful Western River Expedition over in Frontierland… Walt’s idea that things should always be growing, that there should always be exciting new things in the parks had and continues to have great wisdom. The Brazilian section should be filled with the wonderful music and spirit of that great country…not to mention the food. Let the celebration begin!

  4. Captian_Nemo

    yea lets hope they put it where the African huts are that represent nothing lol. Also hope there is a boat ride that takes ya down the Amazon river! °o° if they do another 360 movie I will be very disappointed :/

  5. EricJ

    And as we used to say on rec.arts.disney.parks,
    “But what about the BRAZILIANS?” 😉

    (Ie., every time somebody complained about a bit of park inetiquette, like hoarding FastPasses or dining reservations, it became an in-joke that the defender would always protest how much WORSE the Brazilian tour-group tourists acted on line–What happens when we reserve a bit of Epcot for them, I….really couldn’t say.
    The Brazilian food stop should be interesting, though, and I recall there was a “Rainforest Adventure” originally sketched for the Land before Soarin’ moved in.)

    1. You’re right. I usually go in January when the South Americans are there. i find them even more rude then us Americans who live here.

  6. billy m

    score i just hope that they put more in who wouldnt love an australia or even an egypt or north pole(jk) but maybe we could have a polynesian area with all the luau kind of food

  7. minnieohminnie

    I’m not excited at all! As a lover of Disney, I was really hoping they would put something with more interesting architecture. Also, I was hoping for something totally different “culture-wise”; something not totally European or Asian or South/Central American. I really want to see a Russia pavilion or Israel!

    Also, as a former cast member, I understand how much the Brazilians love Disney; however, an overwhelming amount of them are incredibly rude to cast members and other guests, and also can be disrespectful to the characters.

    At, least the food will be good.

    1. kikio

      oh i agree…i mean if this area is built i dont think anyone could walk through it with the hug tour groups that would most likely flock to it. Also i was wishing they did something that wasnt so common in the park already. we shall see.

    2. Julia

      You should not forget that during the crisis in 2008 and 2009, when the number of guests dropped immensly, the brazilians were the ones who saved Disney. If it weren’t for them, the crisis at Disney would be even worse!

  8. Tryg

    This is so awesome. I feel that in the US, South American countries can seem just as foreign, if not more so, than those across the pond. Brazil seems like the logical choice with it’s huge love for Disney, so kudos for that, It will be interesting to see what a new Pavilion will look like and if any rides will be involved.

    What do you guy think would be the major points in the Pavilion?

    Thanks for the update!

  9. Luiz Lahr

    There is a long time Brazil should be in there. Not only cause Brazil is one of the biggest economys in the world, but because most of the turists that go to disney are brazilians, and also world show case is all about cultures, and Brazil has one of the most rich cultures in the world.

    1. Daniela Lira

      I totally agree with Luiz! Make a Brazil pavilion in Epcot would be a large and beautiful tribute to Brazilian (who are increasingly present in Disney) and also a gift to all who visit this amazing park! The Brazilian culture is extremely rich!! Brazilians are loving and hospitable. Brazil is one of the most nations multicultural and ethnically diverse on the planet, the result of strong immigration from many countries… In addition, there isn’t ANY South American country represented at Epcot! There are many reasons to add Brazil pavilion as next country in Epcot World Showcase, these are some …

  10. Captain Spaulding

    I thought Florida WAS a South American country.

  11. You’re right. I go to Disney during January break when there are a lot of South Americans there. They are even more rude than us USofA Americans.

  12. Wild Ol' Dan

    It is sometimes very hard to understand the folks at Disney…whatever happened to the Wonders of Life Pavilion? It’s just setting there…why isn’t it reopenned? And extensions of the existing monorail system linking the Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios to the rest of the world is long, long, long overdue. New Countries in Epcot would at least demonstrate that someone at Disney is still alive and focussed on the future of Walt Disney World. Every country in the world has it’s good and bad points…but Walt liked to emphasize the positive always believing that THERE’S A GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW just a dream away.” So…bring on Brazil…imagine a boat ride down the Amazon…a Brazilian Marketplace…the songs…the spirit…the celebration! And what a wonderful idea Australia would be as well. Keep on dreaming, keep on wishing, keep on believing…keep on growing! Let’s hope that this magical place called Disney “will never be completed as long as their is imagination left in the world.”

    1. Bailey

      It is simple, Disney under Iger has been building time shares in Florida, not investing in parks.


    I think that Brazil will be a bad idea for Disney!

  14. William R. Cousert

    How about a ride based on the movie “Brazil”?

    Bring your own duct tape.

  15. Chris Young

    Rumor and speculation or not, this would be a terrific idea. Let’s hope for the best.

  16. EricJ

    We already had “rumor and speculation” for Spain a few years ago, whatever happened with that?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Spain (a few years ago) and Peru (last year) were rumors that blew up too big. Spain was prominently featured at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival with a large display, possibly the biggest in F&W history. As such, the rumors surfaced about that evolving into a full country pavilion.

      Last year, a Disney rep visited Peru and reports of a Machu Picchu replica coming to the Food and Wine Festival followed (http://www.insidethemagic.net/2010/04/epcot-may-become-home-to-machu-picchu-replica/). That never happened, but Peru did have a booth at the festival.

      This time, however, there is no indication that Disney is simply talking with Brazil about the Food and Wine Festival. The Folha article points to much more. But… no confirmation from Disney, of course.

  17. Michael

    I am currently going on a journey to contact the Folha newspaper and obtain more information. Updates soon.

  18. OT

    Hope it gets a attraction and not a movie or nothing.
    They better update all countries because there are almost only movies and most of them are very very old.
    Love Norway, best in Epcot.
    Maybe a nice attraction where the thing is that you cut in line al the time and have to push people over.
    Just kidding.

  19. Camilla

    where and how can I find out about working there? i´m Brazilian and have a friend in norway who is working there, she whent to an interview and got the job! what about Brazilians? when is this happening?

  20. John

    I have nothing against Brazilian groups. In fact, they a money maker for WDW and they should be encouraged to keep coming. But for gods sakes people, show some respect. If WDW was in Brazil and we American tourists went to visit and Started waving American Flags around, how would it make you feel? Show some respect for the country you are in. Show some respect for the people around you.

  21. CJinPA

    I’m here in Disney this week w/ the family. I cannot believe the incredible number of people from Brazil! Overall they’re fairly well behaved – just need to get in front or about 30 minutes behind them when they swarm onto a certain section of the park they’re in. The one thing that turned me off (and others around me today), was the fact that they found it appropriate to ‘tag’ the entire walkway moving up to the transportation and ticket center leading to the monorail and ferry area w/ chalk.

    Again, I understand the $$$ that WDW is making from these groups and overall they’re well behaved (in my experience), but do they need to continually send one person in line to hold the spot for 10 others and ‘tag’ everything under the sun ‘Brazil’??

  22. Amanda

    Those groups are so many , and annoying . Well, some of them . They scream and shout everywhere. Even in the attraction which is so disturbing for everyone else. It was one group wearing bright orange yellowish and white shirt . Those kind Of group should be banned. ( july 2012)

  23. Eric

    Great! When I go there I’m gonna cut in line like all the Brazilians do at Disney parks to truly live the Brazil experience!

  24. SeAraujo

    Hey, Rick, how are you doing? Great, I hope!

    Considering all the recent rumors and the change between the building of DPA and the Circle of Life attraction, is it worth reheating that subject about a Brazil pavilion?


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