Comments for New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ posters show off young new film series stars – and plenty of skin


  1. Allie

    Oh, Disney. What have you done?! I am ashamed for you.

  2. Lisa

    Walt would be rolling in his grave!! Shame on you Disney company!

  3. Neal

    This just increased viewership 100,000 fold.

  4. Tiger

    Oh lighten up people lol! A bunch of shirtless people in titalating shots is not a big whoop! I just only hope this movie is better than the last two, yuck! All I care about.

    If I can see more pics of her, I’m in ;).

  5. Kyle

    Its okay by me no worries. PG-13 so nothing obscene.

    Side Note: Digital 3D nudity would be too obtrusive no matter the subject. IMO


  6. Scott B

    I am getting a strong sense of blandness from these two. Though I am not sure if they could match the huge amount of blandness that Orlando Bloom portrayed in the previous series of films. That was some epic blandness.

    I was hoping the story would be Jack Sparrow front and center with no side stories or distractions.

    As for Walt rolling over in his grave, I thought he was in a cryogenic chamber?? Are you telling me those Internet rumors are unfounded???

  7. dee

    I dont understand why the first two posters said what they said. I genuinely dont. The girl is a mermaid, why would she have any clothes on? Its not like these photos show anything. A shirtless male is not a biggie either.

    Walt would be more embarrased to have Lyndey Lohan associated with his name!!! Or pole dancer Miley!

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