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    Clay Matthews

    The Princess rooms look great – the Wellness rooms look very nice if not particularly “Disney” but I guess the Contemporary rooms have never been heavily themed. So where are the Haunted Mansion rooms we saw a preview of some time ago?

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    The Wellness rooms are obviously upscale for the CR guests, but until the AoA opens, seems like they’re practicing on themed rooms to boost up the “unappreciated” Moderate resorts.
    Port Orleans was always my favorite of the Mods (even though it’s popular now, it was one step away from closing in ’01, and its fans still think it “don’t get no respect”), and if they now have a New Orleans/Tiana themed room, I’m there. 🙂

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    Yolk eth

    Where can I make reservations for a princess theme room at disney world resorts?

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      Disneys Port Orleans Resort – Riverside offers Princess rooms
      Contact and we will be happy to set up your Disney World vacation.

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