Comments for Disney reveals list of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue ride destinations including Kashyyyk, Hoth, and Naboo


  1. Kyle

    Awesome news, but it’s April 1st so I’m just gonna have to assume you’re pulling my leg.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Ha! No April Fool’s jokes here. All of the above is official and true.

  2. I’m imagining allot of podcast doing audio recordings on this (including mine) and none of them will be the same. lol

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Definitely. Since it’ll be in 3D, video recording will likely be difficult (and prohibited). But the audio recording possibilities are nearly endless!

  3. wazomike

    This has me very very excited for the new ride even more! This is exactly what I had hoped they’d do with the attraction when I heard they were doing the refurb.

  4. Sharon

    Kinda wishing we were still going to blow up the Death Star.

  5. Todd


    1. Charles Bartlett

      Wow this is awesome news I was getting kinda sick of the same old ride. And the robot that made no since. C3-po human cyborg relations and still his co pilot R2-D2 will be awesome

  6. Paul, a huge oversight! Actually, I really needed to get my ranting off my chest so that I can move on and focus on the blogs that really matter. Like yours. The unfortunate part to all of this is that a lot of my time was taken up by blogs that don’t reciprocate. I was making too much of an effort trying to build relationships with them when what I should have been doing is spending more time with bloggers who do care what I have to say.

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