Comments for Disney dives deep behind ‘The Little Mermaid’ ride music, reveals animatronic King Triton, “Kiss the Girl” scene and new concept art


  1. Lisa

    Do we know who is singing as Ariel? Is it Jodi Benson again, or someone else? Or are they just using her already recorded tracks from the movie?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Disney hasn’t specifically mentioned Jodi Benson but I can’t imagine her not doing it. She appeared at Disney’s “What’s New, What’s Next?” presentation last year and sang a couple of songs from The Little Mermaid live for the press.

      You can watch video of that fantastic performance here:

  2. Patsy

    Anyone else think Triton looks more lifelike in this than the movie? Like more human-esque features.

  3. walkingdisneyfreak

    Is this ride going to be exactly the same in Walt Disney World as it is in Disneyland? Because doesn’t the one in Florida have a different name?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Yes, it will be the same ride in both parks. The outside will be very different, but the actual ride portion will be the same.

  4. PAUL

    the little mermaid ride is looking really good.the king triton animatronic looks so life like.i think this ride is going to be a hit of the park.besides haunted mansion and pirates of the caribbean.the effect of going under water is nicely done.using projections of rising water on each back of the clam shells the person sits in.

  5. PAUL

    i wonder if jodi benson and the rest of the voice over cast will have there chance to go on this ride at the opening of it.

  6. Shelley

    I look forward to this ride down here in Florida. It looks amazing! King Triton looks great, but his beard and hair remind me of a mall Santa. Granted these are cartoon characters, but not being consistant with the hair makes Prince Eric and the Little Mermaid look more “plastic”. Maybe under the ride lighting it will look better.

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