Comments for Behind-the-Scenes Look at Beast’s Castle, Part of the New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World


  1. Clay Matthews

    Let the hate begin but I for one think this looks really, really fantastic. Any idea of the scale of the new castle compared to the “big” castle?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The new castle is MUCH smaller than Cinderella Castle. It’s large, but set “in the distance” on a hilltop. The new restaurant will not actually be inside the Beast’s castle seen above. Without a frame of reference, it is tough to see just how big/small the castle is in the photos above.

      1. EricJ

        So, basically like the Montreal hotel in Epcot Canada vs. Spaceship Earth:
        Incredibly “big” (through perspective) once you’re up close, but nothing that distracts large-scale attention away from the main hub wienies?
        (And considering the Castle will pretty much be one big restaurant, seems like the Cellier comparison makes sense.)

        Kept wondering how we were supposed to get “through a magic mirror” from Belle’s house to the Library, but I’m guessing the Library won’t BE in the Castle…

  2. S. Johnson

    I saw the castle before the extra color was added (so, about 2 days ago) Beasts Castle is actually quite small if the ‘big’ castle you’re referring to is Cinderellas. The pictures here are a little deceptive and make it look MUCH bigger than it actually is. (Which is super cool! My camera couldn’t pick up that much detail.)

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I added a couple new photos better illustrating the scale of Beast’s castle, with construction workers standing nearby.

    2. walkingdisneyfreak

      I also so the castle before the color was added too just on Saturday. Its amazing how quickly the imagineers can work!

  3. Otto

    The castle miniture is larger than I expected it to be. I think, when rockwork and waterfalls are done it´s going to look awesome, It´s the same trick as they did with the Harry Poter attraction.

  4. Nick Lepa

    The new concept art look way to similar to the Hogwarts castle.

  5. Robert F

    The way they create these perspective illusions is amazing! Though I wonder what would bappen if a “giant” bird decided to fly down and make it’s perch on the castle somewhere? XD

    1. M. Kisey

      Hahaha, nice one!

  6. Clay Matthews

    The new photos indeed do a great job of illustrating how much smaller this is than Cinderella’s Castle…unless those guys are actually really huge! Fantastic looking: just like the film come to life.

  7. Anthony Lipsey

    Where in the world did Disney find giants to build their castle??

    1. Vinny

      They grow some magic beans here and there, send some imagineers with torches and capture them in the clouds. Duh.

  8. jdwijoiejrio

    the castle really looked big when i was at disney world in spring

  9. becky

    Do you need special accsess or can it already be seen. Just wondering because beauty and the beast is my favourite film and I’m going this christmas and want to see it so bad!!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Beast’s castle is visible from Fantasyland now, from over the construction walls. You can’t get anywhere near it, but you can watch everything progress. By Christmas, I imagine a lot more construction will have been completed in that area – though none of New Fantasyland is opening until late 2012.

  10. jane regino

    The beauty and the beast is my favorite movie
    I hope to see the castle in the 2013

  11. Jeff Lynch

    I am going to watch the movie Beauty and the Best again before i go to this new stuff so that I can remember all the stuff from the movies that I forgot.

  12. Andre

    The way the castle is set back in the distance, and I’d imagine it will be oriented where guests will only get to see it from a distance anyway, makes it look like it is much larger then it really is. Even standing at The Teacups and looking at the spires, it does look in proper proportion. I’m really excited for the expansion as well as the fact that there is going to be a new mine train ride in the park as BTMR is my favorite.

  13. Robert

    I real like it but the thing is it looks like we dont get anywhere near it so the illution isnt ruined. I think they should have made an average size resturant but just put it in castle shape and if thats too much they could’ve made the bottom floor the resturant and the rest would just be an outer shell. Still love the the attraction and can wait to spend my next trip there. Also cant wait to start my disney internship.

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