Comments for Aerial View Of Beast’s Castle At Walt Disney World Reveals Disney Magic

Walt Disney World


  1. Emily

    Cool! Thanks for showing us!

  2. Clay Matthews


  3. DuduDigital3D

    It’s so interesing. These tricks always works. I did’t make idea that they use this trick to the Ciderela Castle. I knew about Harry because I always saw pictures of Wizarding World construction. Imaginners are always smart (you too, Universal)

  4. tomas

    Awesome information… didn’t knew about the effect of beast’s castle.

    thanks for the info

  5. Jo Anne Alderson

    wow. when can we see thisw completed? Seems like a lot of work

  6. Max Firebolt

    Not that I’m trying to be rude, but I would just like to note that you’ve zoomed in more on Cinderella Castle. You can clearly tell because of the size of the trees. Also, Hogwarts is ALOT bigger than beast castle even without the force perspective.

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