Comments for Walt Disney World cancels Grad Nite for students after 2011, event to continue at Disneyland


  1. john

    sad that the Disney management has forgot what its loke to be a kid canceling Grad nite is another bad for Disney world action that will cause, a lack of attendance rather then a increase threw out the year, not tp sure whos making these very bad for Disney actions but they need to be fired and replaced by someone who remembers what Walt Disney world magic Kindom was not what they have allowed it to become it really is a shame

  2. I don’t think it’s fair that grad nite is canceled for future graduates due to others actions. Class of 2012 and other classes after that should be able to enjoy the same experience that all the other kids got. I completely disagree with discontinuing grad nite. I believe it will actually decrease the amount of people coming into disneyland.

  3. Carrie

    Having been to more than a dozen grad Nites since I graduated in 88, I can understand why this is no longer cost effective. The illegal substances, the vandalism, the fights, and the theft that were once rare are now more commonplace and more security has to be hired to maintain order and safety. I saw behaviors this year that I never would have imagined in 1988.

  4. Christian

    I find this really sad and im disappointed because the year i graduate is 2012. When i arrived in the U.S in 2000, it was the time all the famous disney movies were being made, such as toy story , all the cinderalla movie, lion king , tarzan, little mermaid, nemo…etc. Kids at that time like myself are big fans of disney. I grew up watching disney and fell in love with it. I never been to disneyland. I as hoping that my graduating class, would be the first time i get to experience gradnight. Yes i can go by myself or family. But i want to go with the people i graduated, whether their my friends or not. Because im pretty sure half or MOST of the people i graduate with have seen the same disney movies i got to see when i was a kid. Thats something to cherish with the people you may no longer see in another decade. I was really looking forward to do.

  5. Laura

    I will be graduating with the class of 2015 and it really pains me to know I will never have a gradnite like all my siblings. My school now says we will be attending Universal Studios grad bash from now on,as will most schools now. This is a big mistake for Disney.

  6. DisneyWorld4ever!

    😮 that is NO fair! I want to talk to who evers in charge of Walt DisneyWorld! I’m going to graduate Next Year and I really wanted to go to Disneyworld since every year its the same old disneyland that my school goes to. I bet if we promise that they can check our pockets before and after entering, they’ll let us in! haha 😀

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