Comments for Video: Epcot’s JAMMitors rock musical pots and pans at Disney Magic of Healthy Living – The Weekend


  1. Nice video, Ricky! Looks like their standard Food & Wine Festival “Epcot Jammin’ Chefs” show. It’s the “A” team without usual lead Paul Collins. The guy in the red hat is a sub, and Dale moved in from that spot to take Paul’s place. They did a nice job. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks for the added info. You sure know your JAMMitors! I didn’t even realize they had a Food and Wine Festival show. I never make it past “eating around the world.” 😉

      1. Yeah, they have special shows for Food & Wine and Flower & Garden. I interviewed Paul a couple of years ago (, and I stop by to chat with him and the guys whenever I’m in town.

  2. Ha. Very fun. I have never heard of the JAMMitors. When they are in their chefs costumes they can be the JanEATors… 🙂

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