Comments for Video: Earthquake strikes Tokyo Disneyland while theme park guests remain calm and collected


  1. Ross

    wonder why so many people are walking around with surgical masks on..

    1. Dawn Jay

      Many Japanese and Chinese wear surgical masks on a regular basis, when outdoors. It protects from the spreading germs when coughing and sneezing.

      1. jenny Lin

        Actually it’s for allergies more so in Japan where many people suffer from allergies from tree pollen

  2. Fiona

    That first vides was actually from the second earthquake rather than the first I think. That’s why everyone was already out in the open and reasonably calm. The first earthquake was much less calm than that!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      That would certainly explain why everyone was already seated on the ground outside!

      1. Terri

        Or maybe they were ready for the 3:00 parade?

  3. Dawn Jay

    Many Japanese and Chinese wear surgical masks on a regular basis, when outdoors. It protects from spreading germs when coughing and sneezing.

  4. Brian

    They are seated (you sit for parades at Tokyo Disney instead of standing) waiting for the 2:45 performance of Jubilation! Should have been starting right at the time the quake struck.

    1. Terri

      That was my thought, although I was guessing it started at 3 since it’s Disneyland 🙂 And when we were there we got yelled at for standing! So strange to me LOL.

  5. Nicole

    Well, you are right about the fact that if it happened in the USA chaos would ensue. Guests are already yelling when a food service employee gets their order wrong.

    Thank God these people stayed calm. Our thoughts are with those who have experienced this disaster.

  6. Anatole

    He is saying Kowai at the beginning of the first video, it means scary. Then he says daijobou, which means are you OK?

    It is pollen season now and many people wearing masks aren’t sick, but trying to cut down on their allergies. Japan has a very bad pollen problem because of forestry mismanagement caused by the Japanese bureaucracy after the end of WW II.

  7. djdrew

    In the second video at the tail end you can see mickey mouse on the float waving around, can’t tell if he’s in distress or trying to help calm everyone. it looks like all the others are going up to the top to help him.

    1. Sortinghat

      I saw that too. I actually am surprised how FEW videos there are considering Japan is more into electronics then we are and there are hundreds of thousands of people visiting daily.

      Any one of them could have a camera to whip out and film from various areas such as on rides.

      What would’ve it been like to be in a dark ride in that quake and why did the Mythica Lagoon show go so long during the quake before finally cancelling?

      They waited towards the time the quake was pretty much done before announcing the earthquake…………ummmm you mean Sir that shaking wasn’t part of the Disney magic?

  8. jamie,


    this video shows an “tsunami warning” over the top of an Disney program.

  9. Sortinghat

    Why so few footages? On youtube these videos are viral but it’s the same ones rather then samples of the 10,000 plus tourists who visit and were there at the time.

    Japan until they recently outsourced is usually ahead in electronics and more into them then anywhere else in the world so quite a few somebodies have cameras from different parts of the park.

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