Comments for Video: Danny Elfman to compose score for Mystic Manor, the Haunted Mansion of Hong Kong Disneyland


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    Angry Ghost

    This is NOT a Haunted Mansion. To be a Disney Haunted Mansion, a few crucial things are required:

    2.Stretching Rooms
    3.”Grim Grinning Ghosts” as the score
    4.A Ballroom Scene
    5.A realistic looking facade

    But this mess, ergh! This mess has nothing but lazy rip-off written all over it! No ghosts! No stretching room! Not to insault the great Danny Elfman, but nothing he writes for this piece of garbage will ever hold a candle to Buddy & X’s Grim Grinning Ghosts. The facade looks like a gingerbread house. To many random colors to even associate it with any form of house design. The lack of doombuggies should be a sin. This is a lazy attempt to shove a classic off the huge list of missing elements from this wanabe Disney park. I’m outraged that anyone would dare to call this a “Haunted Mansion”. Hell, Alton Tower’s Haunted House is more of Disney-Style Mansion then this joke.

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    Angry Ghost


    Who’s idea was it to replace the iconic Raven with a Monkey wearing a Fez? I mean really? What were they thinking!?!

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    I think Disney needs to do more original attractions like this. How many Haunted Mansions do we need? Disneyland got it right in 1969, we don’t need the same haunted attractions in every corner of the world. This out of the box thinking makes me want to visit this park. Now, can we work on replacing the castle with something original finally? And how about creating ALL NEW one of a kind lands to visit as well. This sort of thinking is more in line with Walt and the originals at WED were doing rather than the “safe” thinking that followed. Very, very intriguing.

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      Ricky Brigante

      I agree. As much as I love the traditional Haunted Mansion, there’s no reason why there can’t be other attractions that feature a similarly spooky feel but using an entirely different approach. It’s still Mansion-esque, but definitely not the same attraction.

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        I agree. It would be nice if it wasn’t a clone of previous HM’s. I may jump on a plane and visit this park. You never know. It’s a Small World after all! ;o)

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    As much as I love the Haunted Manison’s style and articulate feel, having it in every Disney Park in the world would make them obsolete to each other. Phantom Manor has the similar music and sequences, but there’s a story line, in the old west. How cool is that? So I agree with WMM and Ricky Brigante. We need HM attractions that are different, a good different that will intrigue guests to attend the parks. if they were all the same, there would be no want to travel to Paris or Hong Kong. I mean still keep little hints from the original DL in California and such, but dont go overboard.

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    This is so amazing. And what is up with Angry Ghost comment? Chinese culture in general have their own unique haunted-story flavor. Plus Just like the phantom manor it would be different and cool. I wouldn’t want to go on the same haunted mansion- yes it classic but getting to see a whole new take on the attraction would be awesome.

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    this new attraction looks great!, it has amazing storytelling, the effects are great, nice projections, AA’s i mean its just wonderful, and i feel the exterior really captures the essence of a ”world traveler” maybe if people knew more about the attraction rather than just going off of other sources they would understand why certain decisions were made, this looks like in my opinion one of disneys greatest attractions, such an innovative spin on the haunted mansion

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