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  1. Louise

    What about the Disney Wonder cruise ship? I have family onboard and they were supposed to be docked in Cabo today, but with the tsunami warnings for the Pacific Coast, I’m wondering if they went farther out to sea for safety. It appears that’s what’s happened, but I can’t find anything concrete, only hear say. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      From what I have read, the ship will be at sea today rather than docking at Cabo, as the port there is closed for the moment.

  2. Carrie Gainer

    Just talked to my son who works on The Wonder. They are staying out at sea. Water is only supposed to rise 12 to 16 inches. They couldn’t go into Cabo because they have to tender people from the ship. Something about the rise in water and the dock. He said they probably won’t even feel the tsunami.

    1. Louise

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad all is well with them.

    2. Kiran Agarwal

      thank u for the reply… have been worried as my family member also works on The wonder…

  3. nikki

    Guess the happiest place on earth was even effected. 🙁

  4. kris

    thank God no severe damage there.

  5. Kyle

    So even during a severe earthquake the park is still the happiest place on earth since the guests are being taken care of such as providing portable heaters/rain coats.etc. 🙂

    1. Boom shaaklkaa boom boom, problem solved.

  6. jhftj

    what happen

  7. dertj


  8. Ashley

    so much for the happiest place on earth…

  9. Thank you so much for the information it did help us as we traveled to Tokyo Disney Sea. After going and working hard to make the most of it, I must say I don’t see how anyone could spend so many days there. We enjoyed our time but to me Tokyo Disneysea is form over function. The rides are beautiful, well prepared, thoughtfully presented but then the ride itself is, meh. We thoroughly enjoyed Tower of Terror, but all the other rides were either a bore or just ok. We were very thankful for the fastpasses because if we had to watch the posted 70 minutes for some of the rides we might have cried ?

  10. DisneySea is the best theme park ever. Loved Mysterious Island and the different types of popcorn. It’s clean, calm, and very orderly and the Disney staff are so kind. People there are so pleasant and we are going back again this year.?

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