Photo Archive: Latest in the Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portrait series capturing celebrities as colorful Disney characters

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Over the last few years, acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz has partnered with Disney to create stunningly colorful pictures of celebrities posing as Disney characters from classic animated Disney films.

Yesterday more photographs from this series were released, featuring a new batch of celebrities with a new set of familiar Disney scenes. Inspired by the new release, below we take a look back at all of the photographs Leibovitz has produced for the Disney Dream Portrait series, followed by a few behind-the-scenes images from the photo shoots. The photos below begin with the most recent set and work their way backwards, in no particular order.

(You can click each image to enlarge and view in high-resolution.)

Disney Dream Portraits by Annie Leibovitz

Jessica Chastain as Merida from “Brave”

“Where your destiny awaits”

Jennifer Hudson as Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”:

Taylor Swift as Rapunzel from “Tangled”:

The Haunted Mansion and Pirates:

Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as Phineas, Ezra and Gus, the Hitchhiking Ghosts of The Haunted Mansion:

Russell Brand as Captain Hook:

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow and performer, writer and artist Patti Smith as the Second Pirate in Command:

Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz as Beauty and the Beast

Olivia Wilde and Alec Baldwin as the Evil Queen and Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Whoopi Goldberg as The Genie from Aladdin

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as Jasmine and Aladdin

Jessica Biel as Pocahontas

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gisele Bundchen, and Tina Fey as Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker Bell

Julie Andrews and Abigail Breslin as the Blue Fairy and Fira from Pinocchio

Beyonce, Oliver Platt, and Lyle Lovett as Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare

Julienne Moore and Michael Phelps as Ariel and a mermaid from The Little Mermaid

David Beckham as Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty

Roger Federer as King Arthur from The Sword in the Stone

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens from Sleeping Beauty

Rachel Weisz as Snow White

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Behind the Scenes of the Disney Dream Portrait photos by Annie Leibovitz

With each new picture in the Disney Dream Portrait series of photographs, making-of images were also released, showing photographer Annie Leibovitz working with her costumed celebrities to achieve the perfect shot. Below are many of these images, in no particular order, minus captions. They’re enjoyable strictly on their own.

Behind-the-scenes video Jessica Chastain as Merida:

Behind-the-scenes video of Jennifer Hudson as Tiana:

Behind-the-scenes video of Taylor Swift as Rapunzel:

Behind-the-scenes video of Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and Jason Segel as the Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts:

Behind-the-scenes video of Russell Brand as Captain Hook

Behind-the-scenes video of Olivia Wilde as Snow White‘s Evil Queen:

Behind-the-scenes video of Patti Smith as a pirate:

Behind-the-scenes video of Alec Baldwin as Snow White‘s Magic Mirror:

Behind-the-scenes video of Queen Latifah as The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula:

And in case you’re wondering, these images are not created simply for art’s sake. They are used as advertisements for Disney Parks, in magazines, on billboards, and (obviously) online.


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    Thank you for this! There were a few I had forgotten about. Annie Leibovitz is an amazing artist.

  2. Avatar


    Wow Ive said it once and I will say it again.
    What a creative way for an advertisement with celebrities to be displayed.
    I love how they put a disney spin on this. This is why disney is, and will always be, on top!

    1. Avatar


      Pretty sad that Disney doesn’t give credit to Annie in the ads printed in national magazines, though! She made these amazing creations and deserves credit.

  3. Avatar


    These are great, but isn’t this really more of a Photoshop experiment than a true photography experiment?

    1. Avatar


      WOW amazing photos i really enjoyed them thanks ITM

    2. Avatar

      Ricky Brigante

      There’s certainly a lot about these photos that’s enhanced. But looking at the behind-the-scenes images shows just how much of them are live elements on set. In the end they’re advertisements, so they begin as great photos that are made even better by artists.

    3. Avatar


      And since Annie does not touch these in post, it’s not really her work. She should share the credit with the PS team!

      1. Avatar

        I was looking to see if she edited these herself… Let down that she doesn’t. I edit all my own work, and always will do.I also really dislike the amount of assistants they have, i mean is it really needed? Famous photographers get so lazy.

        And its silly to say that because someone used Photoshop it isn’t real photography. Photography has changed, Photoshop is part of that. It is a skill. A lot of the time though people simply can’t tell the difference between an original shot with brilliant lighting, and Photoshop manipulation.

        1. Avatar


          Really Christopher? she’s just stating her opinion. she’s stating how she views photography. if anyone sounds like an idiot it’s you, swearing makes anyone seem unintelligent and it’s just crude. your intitled to your opinion as well. she’s saying what she thinks and your saying what you think, just leave it at that.

        2. Avatar


          @Linda, not everyone has the time to sit and edit hundreds of photos. It’s one thing if it’s a hand full, but a whole other when it’s much more and you are on a tight schedule. I get hired from time to time to do photographers editing specifically for that reason. I personally edit my own stuff too, but it would not be beneath me to take on someone to help me if I got super swamped. It does not make you lazy, it makes you smart about managing your time and your business. And clearly Annie must be doing something right because she is one of the most sought after photographers in the world. You should probably use her as an example of something you should aspire to be as a photographer instead of downing her over something so minor and trivial as how many assistants she has. I don’t know if you know this, but with photo shoots of this magnitude, it takes a lot more people to pull it together than just the one person taking the picture. SMH(shaking my head.)@ Christopher, don’t be lame all your days. I like regular photography just as much as I like enhanced photography. Stop acting like there is only one true way to create a photograph. Get your head out of your ass and then maybe you can open your mind and see the subject more clearly. I can do both, and in reality that is a marketable asset as opposed to someone who can only do one. The more skill you have, the more qualified you are, and that means the more in demand to be worked with you will be. You are welcome for that quick little reality check. That is all, carry on.

  4. Avatar

    Brandy from Houston

    Amazing and so creative-
    So where can we BUY them?!? Books, posters, whatever. Would LOVE to have these for my kids… and me!

    1. Avatar

      Ricky Brigante

      The only way they’ve been available is by finding them in the magazines in which they’re running as ads. The most recent series should be in O, People, and a few others.

  5. Avatar


    Not to be racist but I feel beyoncé should have been Pocahantas. I feel she would have given off a great enforcement of it being “free”. She has an energy that would make people see the point of the ad.

    1. Avatar


      I agree with you there, but sadly they had Beyonce play the part as Alice in Alice in Wonderland.

      1. Avatar


        Instead of Beyonce as the part of Alice, they should’ve been chosen Hilary Duff or Reese Witherspoon.

    2. Avatar


      except Beyonce is neither NA nor looks it, at all.

    3. Avatar


      Neither one of them should be Pocahontas. Beyonce is black and Jessica is white. They should have gotten a Native actress to portray her or better yet they could have used the Native actress(Irene Bedard)that voiced her in the movie.

  6. Avatar


    What a lame waste.

  7. Avatar

    Nick Scalan

    One correction: Michael Phelps should be referred to as a merman not mermaid. That’s what the males are referred as in the actual movie.


  8. Avatar


    They could have picked someone much better to be Cinderalla!! Other than this disappointing choice, these are very nice pictures.

    1. Avatar


      I agree!

  9. Avatar


    Zac Effron is the one with his eyes closed..maybe HE’s the sleeping beauty? haha

  10. Avatar

    Sumpreme master of the Planet

    80% photoshop … 10 % photographic efects … 10 % actors … The guy of photoshop need a salary increase !

  11. Avatar


    Who cares that a lot of Photoshop went into this? Art is art. And this is beautiful art.

  12. Avatar

    It would be even better if you guys would share the captions from each portrait since they’re too small to see!

  13. Avatar

    Adam Lavender

    Couldn’t they have gotten someone more fitting to be Genie, or atleast dyed Whoopi blue?

    1. Avatar

      Stephen David Calhoun

      Could not agree more. The Whoopi photo was the one choice that I had the biggest question mark above my head. That, and Mikhail Baryshnikov as Peter Pan. Huh?!

      1. Avatar

        Pan Fan

        i know i was upset when i say Mikhail as peter pan, not youthful or charming enough to portray peter!

  14. Avatar

    My favorites are the pictures of Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel and Russell Brand. Not sure if I get Jessica Biel as Pocahontas.

  15. Avatar


    I’m sorry but Vanessa Hudgens as Sleeping Beauty? She’s not even blonde like the actual character! The rest I really loved though.

    1. Avatar


      Their just using celebrities that they think could be that person. Ursala wasn’t black, and they made Queen Latifah her. She totally rocks Ursala and will they disqualify her based off one little thing? NO! These people are just using celebrities they think will make it work. Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens is kind of a ironic one since they were together in HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL. Their just doing photos with people that will work. 😉 If it’s any consolation, I think thier awesome, regardless of the photoshop and any other added items to the photo.

  16. Avatar


    Why did Peter Pan have to be an old guy? Aside from some of the character choices, these are pretty cool.

    1. Avatar


      The point is that Childhood lives in the heart, that it’s more than just physical. Mikhail Baryshnikov is a legendary ballet dancer who, though too old to continue dancing, is still very energetic and active. He’s a wonderful man who manages to embody the spirit of a child even at his age.

  17. Avatar

    Patick Henry

    Fine discourse. My but Annie, like may of us, is showing her age. Go old girl.

  18. Avatar


    Ricky do you, or does anyone, know if and where we can buy these? I would pay a fair amount for a large coffee table sized book of these lovely, amazing photos. It would also make a great gift for a Disney fan.

    1. Avatar

      Ricky Brigante

      Unfortunately they’re not for sale. The newest images will be in a variety of magazines soon but that’s about it for now. They really should make them available.

  19. Avatar


    I got a few things here:

    -Loooove the first Jack Sparrow pic.
    -Alec Baldwin and Olivia Wilde as The Magic Mirror and Evil Queen are great matches.
    -Jessica Biel as Pocahontas? Why not someone a bit more Native American? Or at least more tan.
    -Tina Fey as Tinkerbell is an absolute WIN. Peter Pan and Wendy being old? Ummm NO. Get younger people next time, thank you please.
    -Beyonce as Alice in Wonderland is a definite NO please, again with the wrong skin types. Maybe you switched Jessica Biel and Beyonce? Hmm..
    -Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are not FROM Sleeping Beauty, they are posing AS Prince Philip and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. Also not that great of a match, seeing as Princess Aurora was blonde, Ashley Tisdale would’ve been a much better match, not Vanessa Hudgens.

    Over all it was a grand photoshoot. But I think certain characters should’ve been thought through just a tid bit more.

    1. Avatar

      That was kinda rude about the Peter Pan choices, Beyonce vs. Jessica Biel and Vanessa Hudgens vs. Ashley Tisdale. Clearly, the people are not supposed to be a complet matchup to the movies, made clear by the fact that Ursula was played by a black woman. Heck, Genie is orignally a man and here, he’s played by a woman! In fact, while we’re on the topic, Rapunzel’s dress isn’t exact to the movie and didn’t Ariel’s bra have straps?

      Leave the photos alone until you can do any better, my dear.

      1. Avatar


        Here’s a supposedly Annie Leibovitz’s photo of Alice in Wonderland, portrayed by the actress Reese Witherspoon, matching well the character:

        Sadly, is a non-Disney campaign, maybe would be a campaign for a department stores.

        If you look interesting, why don’t go to Japan for shopping?

    2. Avatar


      I agree with some of your complaints regarding actors/actresses being different races from their original characters. I get the feeling that Disney wanted to play up who was popular at the time and that’s why certain people are being used.

      However, I really feel that Queen Letifah really killed it as Ursula. Her beautiful skin tone made a nice contrast to her dark tentacles. I think covering her in light grey paint would have looked silly.

  20. Avatar


    Wow, I was just reading the comments on here, and everybody is pointing out what is wrong with them. I think that they are beautiful, I believe that the idea of combining Disney characters with actors was BRILLIANT!!! Who cares who she chose, she is the one with the idea, not you. So shut your traps.

  21. Avatar


    I love them! Makes me smile each time I view. My favorite is the Haunted Mansion photo with the very awesome actor Jack Black! I would love a copy hanging in my house, office, maybe even a bilboard!

    Keep up the good work! We all need a smile:)

  22. Avatar


    Wishing I could get my hands on some of these prints…

  23. Avatar


    Queen Latifa as Ursula is my favorite shot!

  24. Avatar


    Louis Tomlinson should’ve been Peter Pan!

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    Missing: Mulan, Hercules, Tarzan, The Princess & The Frog, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Black Cauldron, and Mary Poppins. For Mulan, I know it would be either Olivia Munn or Lucy Liu. Tiana from The Princess & The Frog, it’s either Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry (She could also depict Esmeralda in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.), or Zoe Saldana.

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    Idea: I would love to see one of these portrait series include Shakira as Esmeralda and maybe someone like Usher or even JZ as Clopin and the by line could be something like “where everything is topsy turvy” “”where everyday is topsy turvy day” or “where you can feast like a fool” or something.

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    I love all of these pictures. The castle in the background of the David Beckham Prince Philip picture looks to me like the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris. Such a creative idea and I wish there were more of them.

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