New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’ trailer offers more plot details, mermaids, and cheap 3D tricks

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In promotion of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth installment of the film series, this weekend Disney released a new trailer offering a further look at Jack Sparrow’s journey to find the Fountain of Youth.

It appears that along the way, new “Pirates” villain Blackbeard has taken the famous Black Pearl and Captain Jack is once again on the hunt for his ship – and must capture a mermaid along the way, if he is to find the fountain he seeks:

The Little Mermaid this is not. These mermaids are fierce.

This is the first “Pirates” film to be shot and released in 3D and judging from the trailer, audiences can expect many swords to be waved unnecessarily in their faces:

Fozzie Bear would be proud.

To used an already overused phrase, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides “sets sail” in theaters on May 20, 2011, with an expected red carpet premiere to take place at Disneyland on May 7.


  1. Freddyfreak

    YES FIRST!!!

  2. Scott B

    A sword coming at my face isn’t quite enough of an incentive for me to pay the 3D ticket tax at my local theater. I think I will be fine with the 2D experience.

    I don’t about anyone else but I feel like am already over 3D movies. With the exception of both Avatar and the new Tron, I have yet to see it implemented well. 3D movies time after time seem to be less vibrant and less sharp than their 2D counterparts. Of course this hasn’t stopped me from curiously wanting a 3D television. What can I say, I my love for new gadgets outweighs my opinions of 3D.

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