Introducing Theme Parks in 3D! – See Walt Disney World and Orlando Theme Parks in 3D on Nintendo 3Ds (or With Glasses)

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Get ready to experience Orlando’s many theme parks in a whole new way at home – in 3D! Today we are launching our new section devoted to 3D pictures taken throughout Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and beyond. It’s simply called: Theme Parks in 3D.

The new page can be found at as well as,, and even, so it should always be easy to find.

So what are Theme Parks in 3D? The amazing new piece of technology that is the Nintendo 3DS now allows anyone to view clear 3D images without the need for 3D glasses. Coupled with a built-in 3D camera, the 3DS is the perfect device for capturing and sharing theme park fun with a new dimension.

We’re launching Theme Parks in 3D with more than 100 3D pictures from the Magic Kingdom with many more to come from the rest of Walt Disney World as well as the rest of Orlando’s theme parks. And if you snap your own 3D photos in the parks using a Nintendo 3DS, we invite you to e-mail your pictures to so we can share them!

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not offered an easy way (yet) to share photos on the 3DS, so Theme Parks in 3D also features step-by-step instructions on how to safely download and copy our photos to your system as well as how you can send us your own.

But while using a Nintendo 3DS is the best way to view these new images, we know it’s new (and a bit pricey, at roughly $250), so we’re also offering all of our 3D images in a traditional anaglyph format, which allows you to view great 3D pictures on your computer using standard red/blue glasses.

Here are a few favorites from Theme Parks in 3D for you to try:

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This is just a small sampling of the many 3D theme park photos that are now available, with many more on the way soon. So head to Theme Parks in 3D now to browse through the pictures and come back regularly to see all the updates!

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