Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy plays with fire during National Engineers Week presentation at Epcot’s Innoventions in Walt Disney World

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bill nye the science guy

Credit: Disney

As part of National Engineers Week, popular TV host and engineer himself Bill Nye the Science Guy gave four presentations to fans of all ages inside Epcot’s Innoventions.

Bill Nye began by sharing about about himself before jumping into a fire-filled presentation with the help of a child volunteer from the audience and a scientist from Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Enjoy a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy’s first presentation at Epcot:

While the day’s first demonstration involving wood chips and an open flame suffered a few technical difficulties due to Innoventions’ strong air conditioning current, the pair eventually succeeded in showing off the science behind burning wood to create flammable gas.

Bill Nye the Science Guy at Epcot

Bill Nye the Science Guy at Epcot

Bill Nye the Science Guy at Epcot

And it didn’t matter that the demo wasn’t perfect as fans (myself included) were simply excited to see Bill Nye in person, donning his trademark blue lab coat and bow tie, learning a little science in the process.

After each presentation, Nye took the time to sign as many autographs he could in a short amount of time. Little one-on-one time was offered, but the scientist was courteous to each fan who briefly greeted him. There unfortunately was not enough time for fans to take pictures with him, though he didn’t seem to mind if guests posed alongside him for a quick shot while he signed an autograph.

I had him sign an Innoventions map to commemorate the special visit:

If you didn’t make it to see Bill Nye the Science Guy in person, he can still be seen on-screen every day at Epcot in the Ellen’s Energy Adventure attraction at the Universe of Energy, which he planned on visiting during his time in the park today.

And just to get it stuck in your head, watch the intro to Bill Nye’s classic TV show:

More photos of Bill Nye the Science Guy at Epcot:

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