Comments for Preview: Cheetah Hunt roller coaster construction tour reveals twists, surprises and a Memorial Day opening at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


  1. Scott B

    How realistic is this opening day they have scheduled? I mean it looks like things are coming along and all, but May is only a short time away.

    Oh and that figure 8?! WOAH!!

  2. Tryg

    Looks better and better every day I see a new update. Not only will the ride be awesome, but it really seems as if that whole area of the park will be hugely impacted. From all the opputunities to walk under or over the track, to the hill over the skyride, this is shaping up to be a great addition to the park.

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Wow! The project is coming along so well. The name aside (I’m still on Team Cheetaka) the coaster looks great. Manta was such a breakthrough, using a well-themed thrill ride as a first-person experience to personify the experience, which is a fantastic take on the themed attraction experience. Instead of being a passive experience like most Orlando attractions are, this new generation of attraction allows guests to glide like a ray, and now, run like a cheetah. Kudos to the designers for not trying to be Disney or Universal, but translating what a theme park attraction can be.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Well put! I agree that it’s great to see SeaWorld / Busch Gardens stepping out on their own and creating unique attractions that function as thrill rides, educational tools, and spectacles. Manta is my favorite coaster in Orlando and Cheetah Hunt will definitely be the best in Tampa when it opens.

      And yeah, Cheetaka is still a better name. 😉

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