Comments for ParkSpotting at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – February 19, 2011: Exploring The Unfamiliar


  1. Triggernel

    You just keep making it harder and harder to decide which parks to visit. I think the Aladar picture looks awesome!

    Thanks for the Update!

  2. Great trip report and great photos. Animal Kingdom is my favorite WDW park.

    Are you kidding about Flights of Wonder? I thought that show was hilarious and entertaining.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The birds in Flights of Wonder are great and quite talented. The tour guide character just needs to go. Pointless and corny.

  3. Scott B

    Awesome as usual Ricky. What kind of camera are you using? Whatever it is, your pics really make great use out of natural light.

    As for Animal Kingdom, I find that to be the one park where I discover something new every time. There are always little nooks that I never noticed before that jump out at me with each new visit.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Most of the photos were taken with a Nikon S8000. It’s just a point-and-shoot but using the right settings is what makes all the difference. I almost never use a flash, which kills natural light. Even indoors and in low light, I try not to use it. It drives me nuts to see other people firing off their flashes left and right. Sometimes their flashes even ruin my shots! A great photo without a flash is almost always possible as long as you can keep your hand steady.

      1. Scott B

        I agree 100%!!

        I hardly ever have my flash on. Most people don’t realize that it doesn’t need to be on that much( Of course, most people still don’t even know how to turn their flash off). I barely use it indoors as well. It tends to just flood a picture with too much light and rob it of color and rich detail.

  4. Jeff Lynch

    These photos are so good. Here’s what I liked about them: They made me feel like I was there, some of the pictures were silly and some were serious, and they made me want to go to this park too. Thank you for taking the pictures you are a nice person to share them.

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