Pampering and Exercise Come Easy on the Disney Dream With the Senses Spa, Goofy’s Sports and Fitness Center

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A cruise on the new Disney Dream provides passengers with plenty of chances to remain healthy and relaxed among a sea of food and frenetic fun.

With unlimited food on board, it’s easy to slip into “vacation mode” where calories don’t count. But health-conscious travelers can easily avoid putting on a few pounds at sea as Disney offers a variety of exercise options throughout the ship. And even those who aren’t so concerned with staying fit as just staying calm and peaceful throughout the trip can enjoy a few private moments within the Dream’s spa.

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Senses Spa and Fitness Center

Lounge chairs - Senses Spa

If rest and relaxation are foremost on your mind while sailing on the Disney Dream, a visit to the Senses Spa will not disappoint. The beautifully decorated spa provides a serene environment free of any worries. Large windows line its walls, enabling visitors to mentally drift out to sea while their bodies are attended to.

Take a brief tour of the Senses Spa and Fitness Center in the video below:

The Senses Spa is home to any type of pampering imaginable, including massages, aroma- and sound therapy, and even attention given to hair, nails, and teeth. It all depends on what guests are looking for. With treatment prices as low as $60 and stretching up to nearly $300, guests can utilize the spa in any way they choose.

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Rainforest Chill Spa - Senses Spa

Chill Spa - Senses Spa

The Senses Spa features treatments for adults and teens, giving guests ages 13-17 their own “Chill Spa” area.

Massage room - Senses Spa

Massages are a common request around the Senses Spa, either tucked away in an enclosed room or overlooking the ocean.

Shower - Senses Spa

Showers and a large sauna are available for cleansing.

Hot tub - Senses Spa

Secluded hot tubs overlook scenic ocean views.

Nails - Senses Spa

Some guests just want to spruce up their appearances onboard and the Senses Spa offers plenty of chances to get styled.

Treadmills - Senses Spa

Also located inside the Senses Spa is the ship’s Fitness Center, which is home to a gym filled with workout equipment. Treadmills are the popular choice here, offering joggers a chance to run toward the open ocean.

Sports and Activities

Goofy's Sports Basketball - Disney Dream

Travelers wanting to remain active while onboard will find the Dream’s outdoor decks filled with plenty of room to get some exercise and have some fun.

Take a look around the active areas of the ship as part of the video below:

Goofy’s Sports features a large basketball court as well as ping pong tables and a flat, but still fun miniature golf course.

Goofy's Sports Basketball court - Disney Dream

Ping Pong - Disney Dream

Goofy's Mini Golf - Disney Dream

Wrapping around a lower deck of the ship is a jogging track, mostly free of distraction, enabling passengers to keep their legs moving as needed:

Jogging Track - Disney Dream

Jogging track - Disney Dream

Watch out late at night though, as these areas are hosed down and will get slippery. They’re still accessible, even as cruise staff fire off pressure washers, but it’s worth being careful.

In Summary

For me, relaxation is key when on a cruise. With Disney providing so much fun and excitement on its ships, it’s nice to know that the onboard spa offers a chance for guests to escape all the upbeat activity into the quiet surroundings of the Senses Spa. I’m not much personally for playing sports or jogging while on vacation (or any other time, for that matter), but it seems the Dream has enough room for those who want to engage in such activities to do so at their leisure. There may not be a rock climbing wall, but even just walking a few laps around the ship is enough for anyone to burn off a few calories and additional exercise opportunities will only add even more fitness to a fun vacation.

More photos from the Senses Spa, Fitness Center, and Goofy’s Sports:

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