Video: Disney Imagineer Eric Jacobson presents new Fantasyland expansion art and details at Magic Kingdom

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During a special Magic Kingdom media event, Walt Disney Imagineer Eric Jacobson detailed changes coming to the ongoing Fantasyland expansion.

Artwork and details surrounding the upcoming Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Princess Fairytale Hall, and Storybook Circus were previously released online earlier today, but Jacobson offered further information on these and other related topics.

Here’s a video of Jacobson’s entire presentation, which took place in the Mickey’s Philharmagic theater.

The “New Fantasyland” is scheduled to open in phases, beginning in Fall 2011.


  1. Am I hearing correctly that they are getting rid of Snow White’s Scary Adventure? I like the idea of the train ride, but getting rid of a dark ride? BOO!!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Yes, that’s correct. The Princess Fairytale Hall will replace the current Snow White dark ride.

  2. Natasha

    I feel the same way. While I am quite honestly very excited for the new attractions they’ve decided, to put in, I’m really sad that they’re taking out Snow White’s Scary Adventures. It’s a dark ride, and on top of that, it’s SNOW WHITE. She’s the first ever princess. I just thought that fact would carry a little more wieght into keeping the ride around. Oh well.

  3. Lexie Martin

    I am so glad they’re getting rid of that ride! It scared the poop out of me when I was four, and now that I’m 17, it still scares the poop out of me.

    1. EricJ

      I remember riding it on the first trip in the early-early days–back before “Scary” was helpfully disclaimered on the name, and it was simply Snow White’s Mine Train–and it always seemed like a mean trick:
      Yes, Snow has “scary moments”, and the first DIsneyland thought they “had” to have the classic fairground ghost-train for tradition…But Snow White used to be one of the first old-school Disney movies that the youngest kids latched onto; it wasn’t exactly a teen-appeal Alien Encounter. I’m not trampling on Mr. Toad’s grave, but always felt this one needed to be retired in favor of something more movie-friendly for its target audience.

  4. spencer

    is the witch not going to be an element in the new snow ride then??

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