Split-Screen Video: Watch “Magic, Memories, and You!” from Disneyland AND Walt Disney World simultaneously

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When Walt Disney World’s new high-tech projection show, “Magic, Memories, and You!”, first premiered at the Magic Kingdom last week, guests were awe-struck, leaving many fans wondering what the show would be like when Disneyland debuted it projected on “it’s a small world” roughly a week later. Would it be the same show, modified in shape only? Would the “small world” sequence remain? Or would it be a completely different version?

Answers to these questions became clear once Disneyland premiered their version of the show last night. As it turns out, the two version of the show are quite similar. And I offer you a way to see them both for yourself.

Enjoy this split-screen video featuring a simultaneous presentation of the world premieres of “The Magic, the Memories, and You!” at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

For the most enjoyment, I highly recommend watching the video below in HD and FULL SCREEN. Just click the bottom-right button on the player and choose 720p or 1080p after pressing play.

It’s a pretty incredible view, eh?

The audio you hear in the video is binaural (wear your headphones!), captured live at Walt Disney World. But it perfectly synchronizes with the audio that plays at Disneyland. The music and sounds are identical, down to the second. The visuals are the same in style and content, though modified to physically fit the shapes of Cinderella Castle and “it’s a small world,” respectively.

And, of course, the roughly 500 new guest photos included in the show each day are different for each park, though it appears that the video clips used in the show are the same. From what I understand, PhotoPass photos of guests from both parks are gathered via computer in one central location (California?), and hand-selected for each show. Magic Kingdom photos are projected onto Cinderella Castle and Disneyland photos are projected onto “it’s a small world.” It all ties in to the Let the Memories Begin promotion currently running on both coasts.

As both shows are dazzling, my recommendation is to hop the next plane to Disneyland or to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World to see one – or go see both! While it’s impossible to see both simultaneously, as you can through the magic of video editing above, seeing them independently in person in all their vibrant colors and surprising effects far surpasses what a mere YouTube video can show off.

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