Comments for Review: Disney Dream restaurants offer exquisitely-detailed decor with hit-or-miss menus


  1. Robin

    I also sailed on the Dream and I agree with almost all of your opinions. Crush wasn’t overwhelmingly annoying during our time there. He came around while we were looking over our menu, not so much while we were eating. As far as the food, our best meal was in the Royal Palace. I know you didn’t have the opportunity to dine there but we all agreed that it had the best food and the most options. So you will just have to go back and eat there sometime!

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I do wish I had a chance to eat at Royal Palace too. You’re not the only one to say the food was great there! And I suppose the annoyance factor with Crush depends on how many times you’ve seen Turtle Talk. For newcomers, it will be amazing. For those overly familiar with it, it’s a bit old. 😉 I would have liked to have seen a different version of it at least, perhaps with other Pixar characters as well. The restaurant could have shifted from under the sea with Crush to Andy’s room with the Toy Story gang to Monstropolis with MIke and Sully. But I guess sound-alikes for Crush are easy to come by, unlike the other characters with big-name voice actors.

      1. Connie

        I assume they will switch as our Pirate night was in there and we had different pics displayed than our regular rotation night.

  2. Connie

    I agree that Royal Palace was the best. Does anyone have that brioche recipe? That bread was better than cake! And our all of our food selections there were remarkable.

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